Asteroid Blues


Repelling the Dragon (Narrative 8)

VS Yu Jing
The Habitat Modules of the NBIS
Task Force Unit 29 on patrol.

Mission: Countermeasures

The Habitat Module of the NBIS had a definite flair of Bourak Culture, even out here on the edge of the Human Sphere. The brown buildings, and flairs of colored cloth to draw the eye and add a little color to the drab browns and tans. Aafah walked the streets, her rifle slung on her back as she led the patrol. Toma and his Khawarij brothers moved through the back alleys and rooftops, a Fanous drone with imaging software installed. A Shihab sentry drone kept look out while the rest of the unit walked the bustling streets.

The low impact assignment was good for the unit, still recovering from the Combined Army attack at the Xaraks Battery Fields. There had been reports of Yu Jing infiltration of the Spaceport, so this was a good means of getting the unit shaken down again. Suddenly Aafahs comm-net pinged, and she halted her unit with a wave as she pulled up the communications channel.

“Ra’id Aafah, this is adh-Dhi’b Operation Control, please acknowledge.”

“Ra’id Maih Aafah, responding, go ahead.”

“We are getting network traffic from Yu Jing Military IP signatures in your area. Surveillance has further concluded several pieces of Yu Jing military hardware and minimal personnel. Be advised.” The woman's voice on the comms-net was entirely a matter of fact, almost as if she was reading a script from a holo-vid in front of her. “Further, there are several items uncovered in your area. We need access to a possible Yu Jing informant disguised as a civilian, please mark her for triangulation, their safe house needs to be hit as well to throw them off the triangulation, and we need to netscan the area the Yu Jing believe to be infiltrating from."

“Advisement and orders acknowledged, thank you adh-Dhi’b.” Aafah responded.

Switching to her unit communications, she began issuing orders. The civilians closest to her unit saw what was happening and scrambled out of the streets, “Unit 29, the adh-Dhi’b has uncovered possible Yu Jing infiltrators in our area. Take positions, I am sending mission parameters to all devices. Pixie, your services are needed. Leila, we will cover you, you have point. Deploy!”

Mosa’id awwal Toma moved with his unit through the streets, Raqib Fahim and his Spitfire leading the way. Moveing through a shop and out of their side door, they get a net ping of a Yu Jing remote on a rooftop ahead of them. Moving along a garden square, in the shadow of a building, they suddenly hear a click.

An explosion, sends them against the wall of the building they were moving by, as fire and shrapnel engulf Fahim, whose armor luckily blocks most of the blow. Checking himself and his weapon, he finds only minor cuts and burns, shouldering his spitfire again, he mutters a short prayer, moves out from the wall, bringing the Yu Jing HMG remote into sight and squeezing the trigger.

His shots hit home, reducing the remote to a pile of junk.


Fahim collapsed back into cover, holding his arm. The air appeared to shimmer, and a cloaked, jade colored armor appeared, the spitfire smoking as the Yu Jing elite infantry took his chance. Qadim worked fast, administering medication and fast expanding bandage into the wound. Grunting in frustration and pain, Fahim took his spitfire, and leaned out of the corner, sending round after round into the Daofei. One hit home, making the soldier take better cover.

Its a mine!
Got the Remote, but that Daofei got us!
Khadim gets Fahim back into the fight to wound the Daofei before falling back.
Super jump is amazing...

“Retreat, move!” Fahim growled, the team falling back from their position.

“The way is open, Leila move up!” Toma called over the comm-net.

“Understood, moving to the safe house! Ein let's move!” Leila called, as she and Ein-213, the Rafiq bolted out from behind the holo add they were standing behind.

People yelled in the street as they sprinted through the main square, bedecked in strange plants and holo-adds. Suddenly the wall in front of Leila spewed a line of cement out as a whole formed, and the subsonic round made a distinct whine as the the audible portion caught up. Leilas feet skid along the pavement as she planted her self and shouldered her rifle. The sniper Lunah suddenly appeared in her scope, her cloak masking her form. Before the traitorous woman could get another shot off, Leila’s rifle kicked three times into her shoulder, the shots hitting home, instantly killing the enemy.

“Ein, move, lets get out of here, the safe house is straight ahead!” Leila yelled to her Rafiq as they continued sprinting, the overlay in ehr vision showing the objective.

Pulling a small D-charge from her back pocket as she snaked through the thinning crowds, she primed it in her right hand and as she grabbed the doorframe with her left, she threw herself through the door, planting the charge against the outside wall, and curled up as she rolled into the far corner.

Click. BOOM!

The explosion collapsed half the building around her, dust engulfing her as she yelled to keep her ears from rupturing. Ein took sentinel at the door, it’s Red Fury coming online. Further down the street, Pixie sprinted effortlessly through the crowds, her small farm darting along the street as she brought up her hacking overlay. Taking cover by a small house she ran a fast mapping program, noting several areas of interest as possible ingress points.

“This is adh-Dhi’b, mapping recieved, running analytics. Well done Raqib Mikhail.” Came the Operators voice.

“Ahts not my name ya damn voice in the sky!” Pixie yelled back over comms.

Lunah should have smoked Leila...but crits exist.
Boom goes the....d-charge.
Turn 1 Objectives, marker is for Datatracker achieved.

The Yu Jing forces began moving up, the Daofei taking point as it sprinted along the route the Khawarij retreated from. Coming into the small courtyard, it found nothing. Taking a quick scan of the area, it spotted the squad on top of a second floor roof taking cover. Cursing in Mandarin, it changed tactics, moving across the street. The Shihab suddenly opened fire on the heavy infantry, but the Yu Jing elite cooly silenced it with a spray from its spitfire, continuing on.

Moving along the building, it eliminated the left flanks fanous below the Khawarij position. From the crowd, a Tiger Soldier, suddenly broke from the mass confused citizens, tearing away a robe and headwrap obscuring its lighter armor, and hefted a combi-rifle and flamer. In the primary square, several citizens suddenly dematerialized in front of Ein as a Kanren with boarding shotgun hefted its weapon. Before it could take a shot though, Ein’s targeting sensor locked on, and the red fury round found its mark in the agents chest, the soldier slumping to the ground.

Hearing the commotion below, Fahim jumped to the parapet and took aim at the Tiger Soldier, only to find a wall of flame suddenly greeting him. The khawarij tried to dodge the fire found its mark, and he collapsed back to the ground, rolling to extinguish the flame. Khadim, the doctor, unhooked a grenade and deftly tossed it over the roof’s edge, right in front of the Tiger Soldier.


The grenade exploded, knocking the Tiger Soldier out of the fight as Toma leaned out over the edge.

Blam! Blam!

His shotgun rang out as the force of the shots knocked the Daofei into the street below where he did not rise again. Khadim worked to help Fahim knock out the flames and bandage him again. Reforming, they leapt from the roof and advanced onto the next building, taking up defensive positions on the corners.

In the courtyard below, Eins tracking software picked up the biometric profile of their target. The Rafiq spent no time, designating the target quantronically as the Yu Jing operative disappeared into the crowd.

The Shihab Tried.
The Fanous also tried.
I did NOT know he could have that.
Khadim is a graduate of Medical Ordinance School of Bourak. MOSOB.
Shotguns! They are great!

The last Yu Jing specialist moved silently under its camouflage. With a couple gestures, it tagged a Haqqislam operative in disguise, the operative none the wiser. A short command over its comm-link brought a Guiling out of camouflage, its rifle aimed at the Khawarij. Bullets flew violently through the air leaving Fahim on the ground, bleeding again, as Toma put two shots dead center on the enemy trooper, dropping him instantly.

“Okay, Fahim, just stay down!” Khadim yelled from his cover.

Fahim gave a weak and bloody thumbs up, “Sounds good doc.”

On the street below the building, the Daoying moved across the open, hidden by the plants and buildings from the rest of Unit 29. Taking its opportunity, it mapped a building as a possible new safe house and then ordered a retreat. The Yu Jing soldiers melting away into the ally ways and gardens of the habitat area.

Daoying ran up and got an objective!
End Turn 2 objectives. Opponent called it since they were now out of specialists.

“Ra’id Aafah, we are seeing Yu Jing forces dispersing. Mission is a success, well done. We will be analysing the information and notify you if there is anything to act upon. adh-Dhi’b signing off.”

Sending an acknowledgement ping back, Aafah saw the line go dead. Standing up, she examined her force and found them in good shape, except for Fahim who was being tended by both Zyah and Khadim.

“My love, you really must stop jumping into the bullets.” Zyah was scolding her fiance as she worked on his wounds.

Leila, crawled out of the half ruined structure, dust falling from her as she brushed herself off. Both she and Ein jogging to link back up with the rest of the unit.

“Well done Unit 29, let’s take this patrol back home to the bar.”

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