Asteroid Blues


Operation Urban Hammer, Part 1

Thandar Singh
VS Nomads


„Get up, ladies, time if idleness is over!” shouted commander Singh once he entered the booth where the XXth Reserve Regiment detachment was assigned.

“We’re going to strike, and strike hard! There is a suspicion that Nomad operatives stole some classified data from Liberty Cargo few hours ago and want to leak them upon the Arachne. Our task would be to prevent it at all cost.”

“Which mean direct action,” mentioned lt. Christina Delgado, the T.A.G. pilot.

“Exactly. We’ll run inside, shoot every hostile and took control over the Arachne Node. Hexahedron guys will take care about it later.”

“Is it O-12 sanctioned?” asked sgt. Francesco Calvi, most senior NCO present and member of elite Bagh Mari unit.

“Well… I do not know. There are rumors about some official O-12 sanctioned operation to stop the chaos in Novvy Bangkok, but, I’m not sure if that’s true. Anyway, the turmoil around is in such scale that it doesn’t matter. Getting these sensitive data back is more important now! So, get on your feet! We’ll go as we went in Wotan. Full Regular fireteam… and you’ll go with us, Calvi, I need somebody who’ll take control when something went bad, sgt. Dastridar – our doc, and sgt. Roca for TAG support. Naga operative Bahadur is already on the way, he’ll provide a forward observer duty during the mission inside their territory. Chris, get your cockpit ready, we’ll need your T.A.G. as a support. We’ll take full the Fugazi bots as well and our EVO operator. We’ll also have a civilian, a Warcor, Julia Natoli you know from Wotan. She’s getting TechBee fatiques now. And, as a bonus, POS Marina Silva will give us a support, which mean we could bring some Akali reinforements. Cpl. Ranjit Chaina is already on board with his spitfire.”

“Are we going to do this alone?” asked Chris Delgado.

Commander Singh grinned: “No. We’ll be the spearhead of the first operative group. There would be also second group which would attack from other side. As far as I know, they’re lead by the 101st V.I.R.D., the ‘Blue Devils’”.

Sgt. Calvi hissed: “The HQ is taking this operation really seriously. The 101st is a bad news for anyone who’ll get into their way. The Nomads had really pissed someone off…”

Battle report:

We did entered the Gorge and encountered Nomad opposition, an elite Corregidor unit with their mercenary support. It was the infamous McMurrough, that unholy abomination from Dawn. Before we could do anything, the Corregidorans attacked us. That Dogface stroked across the area under the smoke cover, dispatched several bot and scratched the Tikbalang. While we’re occupied with the dog problem, the Nomads took control over several consoles and tried to secure the battlefield with the Crazy Koalas.

We decide to move hard. Cpl. Tanika Silva, our Regular sniper, gunned down the Mobile Brigada with Missile launcher, who was looking over the battlefield. Several rounds of DA ammo did knocked her to ground unconscious. We tried to deploy the Akali, but something went very bad during the navigation down and he fell deep into hostile territory, where he get stunned by enemy flashpulse and was shot soon after. Finally the dog was shoot down by Naga operative Bahadur. Cpl. Sinha then cleared some of the Koalas with her sniper rifle and Bahadur proceeded to one console, taking control over her from Nomad Moran and killing him in the process. Then he’d crouched back into cover and camouflaged himself.

The enemies, beaten but far from broken, tried to enforce their way further, again under the smoke protection. Jaguar took control over the Tech Coffin in the middle and an Intruder tried to shoot down the TAG with his HMG, but lt. Delgado managed to put her machine into safety. Corregidoran Daktari also revived the Mobile Brigada, but she was shot down soon again.

We proceeded to take control over the Tech Coffin, because we’re under a time pressure (OOC: we had time to play just 2 rounds). The Tikbalang shot down the Intruder, but when she tried to kill the Jaguar he was able to hid in the smoke again. We managed to get rid of him after a complicated operation, which ended in the short-time possession of the T.A.G. by insidious Nomads, but Bahadur saved the situation and as or Liason Officer took control over the Coffin, fulfilling the classified objective on the way as well.

The road into the Gorge was open!

(OOC: Mission played was Acqusition, the classified objective was getting the specialist near a building in enemy part of the table and pass a WIP roll, I do not remember the name).

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