Asteroid Blues


Operation Urban Hammer, Part 2

Thandar Singh
VS Ariadna


„I do not like it here,” murmured sgt. Calvi while the detachment from XXth Reserve Regiment continued into the deep of hostile territory.

Col. Singh nodded: “I see. The Nomads are much better prepared then we expected. They’d managed to build their deep defense very well…”

“…commander, I have signs of enemy activity,” interrupted Naga Operative Bahadur.

“Are they Nomads?”

“Negative, sir. My analysis indicates they’re from Dawn, on 89% probability.”

“Our spacefaring friends did hired a mercenary support, assholes,” cursed sgt. Calvi.

“They probably doesn’t have enough manpower to defend the site themselves, and this place is full of mercs,” agreed col. Singh. “Everybody prepare for combat.”

And in few second it was in. Seemingly calm storage area was suddenly full of camouflaged hostiles, shooting against the PanOceanians.

“Kill them all,” shouted col. Singh into the communicator. “And get me some identification what the hell is this scum!” (OOC: getting an enemy into sensor area and identiffing him was my classified objective).

Battle Report:

Suddenly we were attacked by a team of Kazak soldiers from Dawn, probably hired by the Nomads to defend the site. We took a defensive position and prepare to defend. We needed to hold our ground, there were rumors that the Nomads hid some important cargo in the area, which might lead us toward the location of the Arachne node. (OOC: Supplies mission played).

An Irmandinho run out and managed to dodge the shots from our sniper, cpl. Ayala. The a vile Specnaz tried to shoot Ayala, but after a short shootout ended dead with a high-caliber DA ammo in his face. This way we retained the board control and forces the Kazaks to move cautiously and hide under the camouflage.

The Kazaks moved their fireteam, lead by a fearsome Veteran. They’d proceeded forward, in total cover to hid from the sniper, and managed to shoot down two Fugazi drones in overclock. They’re not able to to more harm, but managed to open and get one supply box and drop several mines around them.

We proceeded with one Fugazi drone forward, dropping a sniffer before it run on a mine. We used that sniffer to reveal several camouflaged enemies and identify them. They’re really Kazaks from Dawn, a hardcore professionals. Nomads decided to defend this Node really hard!

We did exchanged several shootouts then, but both side sere quite cautious. We’re afraid we’ll get into the trap if we pushed forward amongst the camouflaged enemy, and the Kazaks paid respect to our firepower. So, our Naga operative Bahadur grabbed a box from middle console and retreated back to his in the safety.

The Kazaks tried to push forward one last time with one of their scouts and Antipodes, but they’re slowed down and the stopped by accurate fire of the Acontecans. Finally, an Irmandinho grabbed the last box from the last console and hid nearby, but he had paid for it dearly. Suddenly an Akali troope jumped from POS Marina Silva, entered the battlefield and shot him down with spitfire. Lt. Delgado then rushed with the T.A.G., grabbed the box, brought it to safety and then run back into defensive position she left before.

Enemies tried their last offensive, but they lacked means to put us down. The Antipode trio that run towards us was burn by lt. Delgado flametrhrowes after being discovered by one of our troops, and cpl. Ayala mercilessly shot down any enemy who dared to show out of his hiding.

In the end, we managed to secure two of the boxes and gained an important information about the Node, as well as warning about merc defending the Nomad zone. But nothing could protect the enemy from the wrath of PanOceania, and we, the XXth Reserve Brigade, are the hammers of Acontecimento, the bane of the enemy!

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