Asteroid Blues


Frustrated infiltration


– Are you sure they are Japanese? They are supposed to be our alies.
– I couldn’t believe it my self until I saw them.
– Our orders are clear. Stop that information from falling into the wrong hands at any cost. And if they are in our territory without our consent then they are no friends.
Prepair the team we have to stop them before they get to the delegate.

Our Fireteam lead by the Asawira took the buildings to the left while the Hassassin Ayyar took the building to the right disguised as 3 Ghulams with his Holoproyector, in the middle there was our Leutenent and an Assassin Farzan infiltrated who placed a mine to cover the building that the Japanese were trying to destroy.

The Asawira started her advance under fire from a Kesotsu Fireteam and a Daiyokai. The marksmanship of our team proved superior by downing one of the kesotsu and the Daiyokai. The Ayyar advanced sendng his holo echo infront of him to detonate a mine placed by the Ryuken Unit-9 and right after the detonation he opened fire against the Kuroshy Rider who unsuccessfully tried to dodge the bullets.

Our Fiday dropped his disguise to surprise the fireteam of keisotsus but the 6th sense of the Kempeitai saved him putting a couple of shotgun shots on the Fiday.

A couple of minutes later the fire contiued in favor of our teams but a well placed rocket burned our Sniper Govad makeing her unconcious. Our Spec-Ops made a super jump to reach the bridge under the fire support of the Asawira and managed to restore the Sniper, wile the Ayyar shot down the Ryuken Unit-9.

After that it was all a matter to advance over the Japanese HVT on a quiet battlefield to complete our missions.

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