Asteroid Blues



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Combined Army
Sygma Devourer
Glade Commander commands!

As we arrived to the Gorge of asteroid bangkok searching for our contact to press harder on the human sphere fall, we received command of the smelly Glade commander that tell us to hold a holding engineering deck room at the midst of the office of our fellow tunguskans.

we brought our bakunin taigas morlocs to the frey, since they almost walk in 4 legs and kill with the mouth. And we infiltrated deep the position to secure or supremacy with 2 speculo killers searching for any opposition leadership.

with the promise of making them more tattoo they accepted to taiga the enemies
Our infiltrator explodes with GLADE the enemy cargo

The aleph though they win initiative, but we were deep beneath their ranks, and many losses were taken on their turn starting with their liutenant and the skakti yadu, also their remote and the taiga brought down their liason

Taiga brought down proxy liason
with chain colt
Speculo was overkilled and then coup de graced to prevent automedikit use
Shrodded spotted the liutenant for our speculo kill the shuka liutenant screaming "FOR GLADE"
Gwailo come with his GLADE nanoscreen

they bring down many of our trops their yadu killed the nox and we coup de graced with the medikit in hands of the nox.

their sophotech took to consoles while our taigas went down, but our commander appeared to go and kill the sophotech and advance to the room with few remaining orders, but the yadu were too much and controlled the room by turn 3.

Glory to the combined army we shall try again.

Our great leader GLADE COMMANDER

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