Asteroid Blues


The Battle of The Serpent and The Dragon

Sword of the gate
VS Yu Jing
Dragon Lady

Turn 1- Haqqislam

It starts with Hassas-Seen Fiday Mohammed manages to infiltrate into the enemy formation, he has spotted an isolated celestial guard and readies himself for his first kill. He engulfs his enemy in a cloud of smoke but the take down takes longer than anticipated however the years of dedicated training by the Fiday eventually helped him land the fatal blow. Mohammed reports to Lieutenant Ayad target is down awaiting further orders.
The Maggie pilot Sargent Ali manoeuvred her T.A.G to a more defensive position to better fire upon the enemies T.A.G and to cover the middle section of the battlefield. After sending a couple of rounds down range the armour plating on the enemies T.A.G manage to withstand the barrage of bullets however one of the returning bullets managed to hit one of the vital components resulting in some minor damage, still running at 66.6% combat efficiency.

Turn 1- Yu Jing

The Tiger Soldier manages to get in our backlines with a mix of precision and good luck but by the time he lands the khawarij turns round and is ready to face any attacks the Tiger Soldier can throw at him. After the exchanging of shotgun shells even the khawarij’s superhuman strength wasn’t enough to withstand against the accurate placement of the Tiger Soldier’s shots. The Lieutenant could hear in her comms the panicked voice of the Ghulam’s Doctor saying “MAN DOWN”.
“What is your position?” she hides her panic well. “Do you think you can save him?” “yes I thi…” before he finishes his sentence 2 shots are heard and all that comes from the radio is static. She gets straight on the radio and says “The roof has been compromised watched your flanks as it looks like we have some airborne troops in our backlines.”
“Sgt Ali maintain your overwatch position” the Lieutenant orders, “Receiving sniper fire from 10 o clock high, Threat neutralised Lieutenant” The T.A.G battle rages on. “Im taking heavy from from the T.A.G but for the moment my armour is withstanding the blows, but I have managed to land one shot that has penetrated the heavy armour.”

Turn 2- Haqqislam

The Hassas-Seen Radgik receives the order from her Lieutenant to get ready to jump, she stands up at the back of the drop ship, the back door open, she sees green and the drop master pushes her out of the plane. She glides does like an eagle ready to strike, she reports to the Lieutenant that he has landed successfully and ready to move onto objective. The Lieutenant orders her to execute, as she is makes her way around the left flank she engages one hostile takes them out swiftly then reports to the Lieutenant that the left flank is secure. She uses her initiative and decides to try and get around the back of the T.A.G to destroy it, however she miscalculates the blindspot of the T.A.G is spotted and fired upon resulting in instant death.
The Hassas-Seen Fiday in all the confusion forgot to disguise himself in the enemy colours and as the Zu Yung notices something is wrong he shoots back and the Hassas-Seen tries to conceal himself using another smoke grenade and luckily the bullets cannot find their mark. The Fiday quickly disguises himself as he dead Celestial Guard thus helping him infiltrate the enemy to close the gap between him and his target. When he is close enough he rolls a smoke grenade at the enemies feet then lunges into close combat with his sword already drawn but he under estimates the prowess of the Yu Jing soldier.
The T.A.G battle rages on, after this exchange both have received no damage.

Turn 2- Yu Jing

The protracted sword fight has finally come to an end, with the clearing of the smoke we cn see the Yu Jing heavy fighter standing proudly over the Fiday’s corpse. The Tiger Soldier on the roof moves into a position to engage the Haqqislam Lieutenant and the rifleman protecting her. He manages to take out the Lieutenant with 2 bursts of his gun however the Lieutenant doesn’t manage to retaliate and is taken down.

Turn 3- Haqqislam

The newly appointed Lieutenant ,some might say foolishly, stood his ground and shot at the Tiger soldier but being killed by the returning fire. The T.A.G tries to shoot at the enemy T.A.G but to no avail. She manages to jump out of the T.A.G and secures one of the objectives, then gets back in.

Turn 3- Yu Jing

The Yu Jing medic tries to secure the objective in the centre but manages to get gunned down by the Maggie pilot.

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