Asteroid Blues


Operation Sofi's Ladder. Part 2.

VS Yu Jing

Game at 18/9/19

Operation Sofi’s Ladder, Code: Candy Rebel. Part 2.

The 2scnd dettachment from the section23, has infiltrated into the Main Strip districts, before The arrival of The rest assault groups. The main force of the 0-12 and SSO company leaded by the Commander InMac, does starts the 2scnd part of the operation on other places of the Strip with some small groups, this one, leaded by Major Styx inside on the HQ building captured by the Razors squads, after cleaning the main streets in this neightbour buildings, the mission tonight are simply; steal the “medic supplies”, from Borlois IA main group, secured by their support armoured detttachment. The true story for the supplies comes by the stealing data from the friendly YJ secret agents infiltrated during this large operation time ago.

“” – We know the content of this boxes, Major Styx. That’s contents ilegal drugs from YJ general medicine, they knowded as extreme drugs effects for a human body, its like a superior androphine, incluing now the use restriction inside YJ Army, we used as combat drug in extreme operations… I and my teams used a time a go in our secret affers during the Kurage crisis when my team goes to figth the xenos… I consider we used this for a real reason for an a real enemy like that Morats or sneaky shaasvasti high menaces, to get at 200% of total senses and force in combat without our heavy and techno equipment, but that reason here… In Borlois hands, here on the Main Strip district, plenty of japanese people… sorry, people like us, ¡here in the strips its enought to find a drunked Morat assault team wearing with their combat armor and Morats uniform!… ¡¿ To watching a HUMAN stripper show ?!… We know what Borlois comes here… YJ affers to control and take down the JSA district… But not to help in the maze gallery, yeah… YJ affers priority like all of us. Our target, he isn’t Brave to go inside the ground to killing xenos for himself to revoke his faults and honor, figthing for a real reason to survive inside this universe…
– Hmm, Captain… Focus on the briefing, please.
– Sorry, Major Styx… If you want a proof, take one box for the evidences, to add some reasons to execute this arrogant Monster once forever.

– We appreciate to join efforts and compromise together, Captain Lîzuah. When the operation ends, if we recover all evidences, the justice of this monster be in YJ hands… But, during the missions, if you have any chances to find and see his face… Feel for free to pull the trigger or, cutt his neck with your Jian sword… ¿That’s your commit on the Kanren’s squad from the Yuandûn, right?.
– Yes, for sure Major Styx. He is our commit to end this. After him… We want to catch some YJ monsters like him.
– Monsters… That’s true, captain. We are monsters too. But we hunt Monsters and Demons… We are created by your hands and arrogance, like an evil inside living in the human cell. We are here to hunt other monster, in this hellish forggoten rock on the last humankind border, into the inmensity of the true unkown universe.
– Yes, but we are a monsters hunting the evil inside. Im glad to join for SSO and O-12 operations. Lîzuah over.
– All units, Code: Candy Rebel starts. -5min to take down this door and run to the firefigth after the droop jumps. Styx over.”‘

Proxys Used:
Penthasilea – Alpha LT strategos2
Shakti – Épsilon MULTI sniper
Dakini HMG
Delta (not painted finished) FO
Valkyre – Varangian guard1 SMG
Myrm officer – Varangian guard2 SMG
Aleph SpecOps + CA REM – Team Sirius Red Fury
Aleph REMs x2 – Kytta x2

Shukra + 2 scindrons – Gangbuster KHD
Dart – Varangian guard3
CSU – Varangian guard4
Zanshi Medic – Lambda Medic
Jeane D’Arc – Wild Bill Rifle
Apsaras – Kappa Hacker
Wardriver – Monstrucker
Danavas – Warcore
Andromeda (solo figure) – HVT

Iniciative: 0-12. Classifieds; Mapping & Experimental Drug.
Deploy advantage: Invincible Army. Classifieds; Mapping & Test Run.

Turn 1 O-12. 10/11 orders group1 Delta isn’t onboard, 6/6+2 orders group2.

After see te IA deploy advantage, its hard to engage again the linkteam with Haidao+MLrem, looking on the rear of the building ocuppied by the entire core team with zhanshi on the street and a single “ruishi” (luduan in Holo), i found a clear droop jump for Delta’s mission, jumps inside the IA deployement on the back of the linkteam, to try killing blow all zhanshi members in the streets and clear all primary specialist before Delta dies or captured.
After thinking and see the previous attemps in my mind, with a 10 full orders in group1, 2/4 Varangian + Hyppolita runs with smoke/eclipse screens, 2 smoke and ecplise landeds perfectly and taking advantage a few steps into the middle, without the menace of the Haidao+MLrem, valkyre Varangian and Hyppolita on my left flank and myrm officer Varangian, under the Bridge sited by Épsilon and lambda foxhole. First order goes into group2 for the Kappa Hacker, provoding the control jump.
Then, Delta jumps perfectly, causing 2 Aro inside the CZ on 1 zhanshi members and “ruishi”, they fails the changefacing, and Delta hides rear on the propaganda console, just on the corner, nobody see him. I forgot to make my first free point… With the easy Mapping, just only touching the console scenario… I’veen focused to take down quickly as possible this bonus team (yeah, the zhanshi hacker is the team leader) and starts to run clear all primary menaces. So… I managed 2 attemps over the Delta, failing the first firefigth against the hacker and the FO mate, Delta survives, on his last attemp, he run out of cover and charging up his weapon spliting on 2 and 1 burst over the hacker and te FO. Delta loses against the FO and goes down, but he kills with the 2 rolls ober the zhanshi hacker, and causing the Lost Signal to all members in this link team.
After Delta intervenction, iniciating all my firefigth turn, Team Sirius, starts in a close range out of the ML bonus, looking only against MLrem f2f, the Sirius bot shows the face in first place, then, the Sirius over the MLrem, shoots and wins the rolls, but the MLrem survives and failing the courage to stay Closer on Haidao presente.
Epsilon stands up from her foxhole, inside the smoke screen above under the Bridge, she is inside the grey cloud and shoots over the Haidao, wins the rolls and take down quickly the Haidao. From group2, lambda moves way out in prone, of the épsilon close range, to saving herself if the ML projectile hits on épsilon. Back to group1, Épsilon moves a little step, and shoots over the MLrem, hits and destroy. Some progress and succefull firefigth, the Épsilon unit spots over her rigth flank, Krit Korham haris team, he is visible and Épsilon have the oportunity firing a clear shoot way, once again, part of the smoke cloud, parcially hides the Épsilon cover from the tall brige. Épsilon shoots, Krit fails te Dodge Aro and goes down with the 4 fails armor sabes by DA ammo rounds. So, triying to stuck some orders to 1st IA turn, Épsilon attemps in two orders taking down the chiaji (proxed by Su Jian model) but Épsilon dosen’t take down the bot, on her last failing attemp, she back near on the lambda range and stands up to cover te Next rin orders for 2group.
Turn for Gangbuster, starts moving and keep the madtraps conectes, spreaded in the middlezone on his rigth flank, provoding the disrruption orders advantage from the zencha 1st turn, then, Gangbuster arrives on one supply box and forcing to open It, he founds the drug mentioned by the allied Kanren operative and pick up the box, runing away from the middle expending the 2 last orders, coming under the Épsilon Bridge, un a coordinated orders with 1 varangian,, Monstrucker and Warcore. Provoding ARO turn the clear Gangbuster temporally defensive position, behind a small barrier, proned and “safe” carryng up the box.
O-12 1st turn ends with a huge advantage in their hands, the last orders from 1st group goes to an a coordinated move for Hyppolita+2varangian+1kytta, to hiding the warbands and expose 1 more pulse flash in the Gangbuster flank.

Turn1 Invincible Army: 6/10 orders group1 5/5 orders group2.

Without some trick plays, and out of hacking device, Borlois turn drops in to 1/2 luduan and the zencha from groups 1 and 2. The second luduan from group2 burn a couple orders to take down the Épsilon and complete the job, but the Épsilon is onboard ready to wake up on the 0-12 Next turns, so with a few last orders, all ARo team of flash pulse and smoke screen does the job, and stucks the luduan attacks, he ignores the attemps to hunt the Gangbuster strong flank, and takes hide this luduan, during this procces he clears a single madtrap on the way.
Then, all 1st group orders, goes only for zencha, moving close into gangbuster to Drop some mines and clear the las madtrap, he climbs up inside the covered high pass and put close in the open door a mine marker, he stands inside the pass but uncovered by the watch from the Épsilon Next turn. Borlois IA ends with the zencha inside the Gangbuster perimeter menace.

Turn2 O-12. 9-11 orders group1. 6+2 orders group2.

Starts the impetuous moves with all Varangian, to advance Fury into the hunt last turn, to take more advantage to make the hardest jobs to retake or take the rest of boxes. The last Varangian moves, on te Gangbuster flank, dosen’t trigger the mine, bcs, the weapon isn’t cleared in the Edge of the door and can’t explode, then, the Varangian drops a smoke under the pass.
From group2, lambda starts to wake up te downed Épsilon in front of her, make the roll and wake up. The lambda explores the Épsilon status and she can backup to te fight, i show my classified into experimental drug an add 1pt more on the advantage count.
Starting on the 1st group, Épsilon stands up under smoke cover, the mine explodes and hits, the Épsilon save the armor and shoots into zencha, but fails the 2 shoots inside the negative mod range from MULTI sniper and cover, zencha lands a critical hit with AP round, Épsilon down again.
Lambda recover the bullet from the chest and wake up the Épsilon, again.
Trying again, Épsilon strikes back landing a single crit and the zencha fails te Dodge, survives on the 2scnd sabe from DA but failing the test to run out… But isn’t scape, Épsilon shoots again, now with the zencha in te middle of the pass without cover, she shoots and destroy the zencha. Next step, goes to the chiaji and she ends the firefigth, taking down the bot and keep stands up over the Bridge. From the second group, Gangbuster runs into my deployzone, near the Alpha LT, Wild Bill runs to take cover flank droops, a couple Kytta too, then, the Monstrucker drops a mine near the Alpha and Gangbuster. From the rest of units, taking ARO disrruption turn, to keep Alive the value operatives defendind the evidence box.

Turn2 Invencible Army. 5/10 group1 4/5 group2.

In his turn tries to push up with the luduans, clearing his right flank ocuppied by the menace of the Varangian, Hyppolita and Sirius team. All Varangian survives by the smoke dodges, a single Sirius provokes the Lost of 1/2 luduan in action, then, she tales down by the second luduan. After that, Borlois IA extends his remaining combat force in the middle, to stop Hyppolita’s group, sending the survivors from krit korahm haris (1 zuyong+pangulingFTO). The last orders, to the Mech, trying to recover 1 REM, the chiaji is the closest, but the Épsilon…. Takes down his servant and he fails to engage the silouette contact without inches to touch.
Nothing more this turn from Borlois IA.

Last turn O-12. 8/11 orders group1, 6+2 group2.

Quick and run last turn, all Varangian moves with smoke dodges, including Hyppolita, she move+move as last order after the Varangian smoke screen. I managed run with her to finish this Game quickly, in her best initial position, she needs to kill 3 objectives: LT, Medic and any squeeshy troop. She jumps directly into the front, in her run, she engages on the far away the pangulingFTO with a cleared line of fire between the smoke screens nd destroys the bot, more runs… She jumps over the helipad Bridge and lands an eclipse Dodge against the zuyong menace, se advance forward and jumps over the last antenna on the helipad and she aims to the zhanshi Medic in a clear fire line, without cover and during her back to put the feets over the helipad ground, splits the burst into 2 and 1 shoots, 1 for the zhanshi Medic and 2 for the last victim and high value un her officers countdown, the hidden zhanshi LT behind a barrier, she aims in her back and hits a single crit. Zhanshi Medic wins the Dodge roll and prevents herself Life running away from Hyppolita menace. But now, Borlois IA group lose their officer in this base camp, during the next minuts… Maybe we made the retreat of the survivors.
Hyppolita, after see her action, reports the message in to HQ and revoke the retreat orders to pursuit the secondary objectives, the Varangian guards retreats in to the midfield and waiting the back of Hyppolita runs. Then, she spots herself menace, she are exposed now and she know can’t survive much time here, without the support REMs of her Squad. Kappa Hacker brings the order into dakini and puts the assited fire, dakini its the last choice to run. The Épsilon engage from te distance the spoted Wild Bill copy and shoots, but fails. The dakini runs into the field. Hyppolita try to scape and engage the firefigth against the zuyong and the android of Wild Bill copy, she shoots over te zuyong and wins, but isn’t wounded. She are hitted by a crit on the chest by the android copy instead and falling down away to the ground of the helipad structure, the Signal be Lost on her. After 20seconds of silence, and te squeeshy noise of the other firefigth near this zone, during the general operation, the mechanical quicksteps form in to a tacbot carrying al loaded as a lethal ammo inside a HMG weapon, the dakini appears behind the screens, and Split the burst over the uncovered and surprised last zuyong stands and the stucked luduan by the back, the dakini terminates the zuyong destroying his frontal armor and the luduan gets a single shoot inside the CPU. Then, Dakini reciving the last Signal of Hyppolita’s corpse and stands up over her carcasse, he have the last position over the android copy, then he is reinforced by the solitary cooperation in his back from a burst shoots in Wild Bill’s O-12 android, a single shoot coming from one spoted corner makes the ligth and noise, the firefigth ends in a raw 2seconds, 0-12 Bill’s android get down by this single shoot. Dakini’s mind, are controlled now by the orders of Hyppolita CPU and send to walk arround te ground of helipad and find this android… In a single order, she finds the Edge of the wearing boots hidded behind the last corner wall, and a highlight from a far explosion, shows the silouette of the hidden android, and the hacker executing the order over the dakini, again. The trigger has been pulled on a high burst shoots and destroys the partial wall cover and a metal rain and Blood liquid stamps into the wall back. Then, the dakini, back for himself purpose, recover the data from Hyppolita’s head conection and waiting for unload the scan, taking the strong position into a supression mode, waiting the finished recovery.

Nothing more turns for Borlois IA last turn. He starts in LoL and retreat.

“”- All units, retreat now quickly, we have the box secured. Take away our evidences and burn the unrecovered corpses. The heavy armored clash pulls us into the Main Strip bar’s zone, this site its a warzone declared… Borlois main detttachment runs in to other YJ companys… We can’t continue the missions today. End this for now. Code: Silver wings, go go go. Hyppolita over. “”

Results: 6p for O-12. Open supplies, handle box, 1 classified, don’t leave any box on enemy’s hands.
0p for Invincible.

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