Asteroid Blues


Data retrieval

Combined Army
Speculo Perzan

150 pts Boarding Action mission with additional balancing restrictions played on a 36″x36″ board with narrow corridors.

Scenario: Seize Data.
Before determining Initiative place 4 bodies of scientists (25mm markers). Each is then scattered D6 inches in random direction.
Picking data: Short Skill in BtB with a scientist’s body and PH test. Specialists and Lieutenant can re-roll the test. Doctors and Engineers can use servants to search but will suffer -3 to the test.
A model can carry any number of data tokens.
Passing data to a friendly model: Short Skill in BtB.
Scoring (all at the end of the game):
1 OP for each data token held,
1 OP for enemy not holding any Data Token,
1 OP for holding at least 2 Data Tokens
1 OP for killing at least 75 army points of enemy troops,
1OP for killing more army points than the enemy.
Max 8 OP.

Wojciech played Steel Phalanx: Machaon with 3 Chain Rifle Myrmidons, Nessi Alke spitfire with 3 360 Thorakites and a Warcor.

I won Initiative and chose to go first. Wojciech spent a command token to strip me of 2 orders so I started with 5 regular, 3 irregular and 3 impetous.

Taighas on the right flank run forward, opening double doors leading to a scientist body.
Sheskiin with core Nox link peeks to see the linked Myrmidon down the long corridor, who manages to dodge smoke, blocking the corridor from any further shooting. Grumble.
I move the link forward and place LgL Nox in the center of the corridor. Next I speculative fire a grenade on 2 back Myrmidons and find out I'm over 16" - I roll a 2 and hit anyways! Both Myrmidons dodge succesfully. I then fire speculatively on two closer Myrmidons and roll a 10 (needed 11) - both Myrmidons fail their dodges and armours.
The Nox link retreats slightly and a lone Taigha pushes forward to watch the scientist body in the wide corridor in front of the Nox link.

Wojciech starts his 1st turn planting smoke blocking the corridor and healing both Myrmidons with Machaon. He then picks a data token with Machaon and pushes the whole link forward under cover of smoke and towards second scientist on this flank. Last he shoves one Myrmidon into the Taigha he fears can chaincolt most of his Myrmidons next turn, and they trade (berserk).

In my second turn Sheskiin kills both Myrmidons dead, then Machaon, then picked both data tokens and retreated to where Nox fireteam was, joining them again. One Taigha on the right picks up a Data token then retreats, handing it to a Nox FO.

Wojciech is in Loss od Lieutenant and just places Nisse Alke and 3 Thorakites on suppression.

My third turn starts with Sheskiin handing both data markers to a Nox LGL, then Nox FO picks up 4th data token.
Tyen Sheskiin goes on a solo adventure and kills two suppressing Thorakites.

End of the game and 8:0 in OP (175:40 in VP).

150 points of Shasvastii

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Combined Army
Speculo Perzan