Asteroid Blues


Shasvastii new tech "drive-test"

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VS Combined Army

Nanoscreen… superb AD decoys… forward deployment with ODD

Shasvastii opponent’s list idea:
Double decoy drop, new haris with nonscreens – M-drones + Gwalio MSV2 and speculo scalpel-strike.

Ikari (mine) list idea:
Make lots of drops, good Aro link, maximum of mines Ikari can provide (3x minelayers). Lu Duan and Al fasid perform cleaning up after AD troops make some noise.

Short summary of battle:

Opponent took first turn, though his alpha strike was stopped. Tanko died from red_fury + ODD, but took some orders from opponent. Speculo killed doctor, but was burnet away by holoechoed Lu Duan (was deployed as an EVO hacker).

Ikari on its turn made bunch of succseful AD drops: 2x yuan-yaun blocked from movement gwalios haris (remotes are bad in dodging and nanoscreen do not helps vs DTW chain rifles), another yaun attacked Red_Fury_ODD and succeeded.

Shasvastii didn’t do much with decoy troops, because of lots of DTW and mines. Tactics opponent has chosen was fragile and unreliable vs Ikari list + yuan-yuans made several important ARM saves.

half of board, after AD yuan started to drop
second half of the board, after AD yuan started to drop

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