Asteroid Blues


Urban Hammer - Part 1

VS Nomads

The opeing battle of Pragalaktica 2019!

My opponent was PP (what a great player!)

He won the initiative and let me deploy first. Therefore i was glad i could take the first active turn.

I never had a game versus corregidor and on the table were 4 crazy Koalas. In order to advance, my Palbots (synched with the doc) advanced and sacrificed themselves to get rid of those nuisances.

Next, the Kamau Sniper easily took out the standing Missile launcher mobile brigada... so there was no more aro pieces alive that my opponent could use.

Therefore, my infiltrated croc men could run unseen into PP's deployment zone to kill McMurder. The croc men died but it was a worthy trade!

My opponent did not have any heavy hitters left and so used his forst turn mainly to reposition and trying to revive unconscious troopers.

In the second turn, my haris advanced to push the buttons (and succeeded). As time ran out, we had to end this game after the 2nd game round and it was a 4:1 victory for PanO!

Arachne Node must fall!

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