Asteroid Blues


Urban Hammer - Part 3


And here goes the third win at Pragalaktica 2019...

As a mission we played frontline so i picked my Cutter list.. and it proved so worth it.

The only game on this tournament where i won the initiative and took the first active turn. I deployed my forces first.

When MercBrush finished deployment i was shocked to see 3 linked Asuras O.o That would be a tough nut to crack. I realized the only chance to win this game is to kill the order pool at the first turn and then go after the Asuras in the second and 3rd turn.

At the first turn my cutter shot down an AI Beacon and an enemy drone and inflicting 2 wounds on a asura with spitfire. But then i had to retreat with the tag into cover again. As there were no long range weapons left, my croc man advanced and he went on a serious killing spree. Still in the first turn he shot another AI Beacon, 2 more drones and a cheerleader in the back. He was entirely in the enemies deployment zone and went into suppressive fire.

Mercbrush started his first turn with 4 orders... 3 Asuras (one with 2 wounds) and an engineer.

Although so few orders, he still killed the cutter tag. Luckily he did not succeed taking it over as i saved the bts vs. the overlord program.

In my second turn, i healed the cutter with my engineer and then decided to kill some aleph HI :-).

My 5 man link shot down the asura hacker with a sub machine gun. Then there was no more threats against my cutter and i killed a second asura which was wounded in the first turn.
The croc man shot down the engineer so mercbrush started his second turn in loss of LT with 2 orders (but no retreat).

Nevertheless his turn was over fast so i used the third turn to hold all zones and killed the last asura. I won this game 10:0

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