Asteroid Blues


Enter: The Magpie Conclave

Danger Rose
VS Yu Jing


[Sarcophaga]: I thought you had dealth with Bullshark's daughter.

[Stratagem]: We did. We sent her a message with one of her Odalisques and she left with her tail between her legs.

[Sarcophaga]: Then, pray tell me, why is her ship back in Human Edge and why is she getting info on us from a Yu Jing contact?

[Stratagem]: ...

[Sarcophaga]: I pay you to deal with this sort of thing! So far, you three clowns have proven to be nothing more than incompetente fools!

[Stratagem]: We'll take care of it.

[Sarcophaga]: You better. And for the love of everything Holy, don't leave a trace.

[Stratagem]: That's our specialt-

*Sigh* I'm sorry. I'm under a lot of stress. I don't want the Hassassins after me again.

[Stratagem]: You're safe. We will always keep you safe.

[Sarcophaga]: You better, I'm the only thing between you and The Observance.


My first turn: Classified [Net Undermining]
Got a Console
...and my two Odalisques Isolated and the Core Link Team broken. Good job, Danger Rose.
Yu Jing 1st turn: Smoke shenanigans
Rui Shi shoots down my Haris Leader; so, "Squad Broken!"
Holo shenanigans: The Dakinis were a Kanren with BSG! Also, I'll start in Loss of Lt T_T
Not much on my second turn. Barely moved some units up. Second Turn Yu Jing: Boobiecide.
Clever use of the Rui Shi's Repeater. Zhanying Hacker uses Lock-Pick program
Rui Shi tries to take out Obliterette, but gets shot down instead. Her name is well earned.
Celestial Guard pops more smoke and the "Wu Mings" with Mad-Traps advance to pin Obliterette.
Turn 3: Impetuous Boros sacrifices himself for Obliterette.
All I could do was to position Agent Valetine (Leyla Sharif) and my 2 remaining Odalisques guarding the open door. Kanren moves in and dies.
But at the price of losing my console and getting Obliterette engaged. This allowed my opponent to get more consoles than me and win a nice 5-1
Deus ex Machina

Yu JIng Imperial Service Med Bay

Sireen stared at the Deva Functionary. She looked human, yet at the same time, not so. The Deva’s eyes betrayed no emotion and her soft smile just made the hairs in Sireen’s back of the neck stand.

“These are the transcripts of the Magpie Conclave’s monitored communications.” said the Deva in a soft-spoken tone very similar to Battle Charmer’s. “I’m sure your Odalisques will find them, educational.”

“What’s the catch?” asked Sireen, narrowing her eyes as she received the data pack.

“No catch. Aleph is love.” replied the Deva widening her smile. “Also, our goals concerning this particular trio seem to align.”

The Deva turned one-eighty degrees with preternatural precision and headed for the door. “Your Odalisque Apple Pie helped one of our agents escape the ‘care’ of those three, at the expense of her own suffering. Would you give her our thanks?”

“I will.” answered Sireen, a chill running down her spine.

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