Asteroid Blues


Everyone's Having a Bad Day Countering Measures

VS PanOceania
Mr Black

Returning from recent actions elsewhere on the Asteroid both forces were eager to get some much needed rest and repair, however it was not to be. Both sides were chosen for a special mission, rumored to be conceived on the other side of the sphere from white noise broadcasts. Military orders won the roll off and chose deployment, realizing that one side of the table provided far more ample cover for their HVTs. With the initiative Aleph deployed the Dakini link team with Deva on their right flank near the landed plane, with a proxy engineer nearby in case repair was needed. A flash pulse bot was deployed closer to the middle to help cover the middle HVT near the billboard, while a hidden TO proxy guarded the HVT near the right most flank. The proxy mark v deployed near the final hvt on the left while the apsara and shukra were both prone on nearby roofs ready to lend a hand in a bind. PanO deployed their link team of Knights on their left, ready to face off against the Dakini link. Most remained safely behind cover with the exception of the missile launcher who was left to ARO. Nearby a flash pulse bot helped cover the leftmost HVT, while on the other side the doctor, order sgt, and TO order sgt deployed on the right to fend off the proxy V and potentially engage an hvt later on.

OSS Turn 1 (HVT Designation, HVT Identity Check, Telemetry)
The first turn began with some careful maneuvering of the link team, staying out of LOF of the missile launcher and repositioning. Once properly situated the Dakini HMG let loose doing a wound to the Magister who wisely fell back behind cover, his mission of slowing the advance of the OSS accomplished for now. Moving out the Dakini used their superior speed to close the gap quickly and draw LOF to the lone Order sgt across the table who thought himself safe. Though at long range the weight of fire and Apsara bonuses proved too much and the brave Sgt was killed instantly. Continuing their advance the Deva took over command and drew LOF to the To camo marker. Noting the danger of the MSV2 he revealed to dodge to cover, remarkably his dive was critically timed and he made it behind the nearby warehouse. Clear of ARO the deva proceeded to make use of her visor and verified the identity of the PanO HVT looking for his car near the garage. Logging the identity into her datapack, her personal objective was now complete. On the opposite flank the Proxy Mark V, keen to avoid fire from the opposite corner moved prone to see the doctor by the stairs. The doctor was bravely standing to protect his HVT so he had to go. The two exchanged fire but unluckily for both neither could land. Running low on orders, the proxy was willing to risk a mere lhost to accomplish his mission. Stepping out he drew a clear line on the enemy hvt and observed him with his kit accomplishing another objective. The doc however fired true and dealt a wound to the proxy as he pulled back behind cover. The final orders pulled the link team back towards their initial point and turn was passed.

Military Orders Turn 1 (Telemetry, Data Scan, HVT Espionage)
PanO had weathered the Aleph advance with only a single casualty, however they were quickly getting behind in the race to complete objectives. The knight link team quickly began their advance up the right flank, knowing they needed to confront the link team to be able to properly accomplish their goals. Leading the way the Santiago rounded the corner near the friendly hvt and fired into the deva who could not retreat far enough the previous turn. Unluckily for the Santiago the Deva found a critical weak point in the knights armor and stripped a wound off him. Undeterred he fired again, hitting her numerous times, but only one shot managed to penetrate her Lhost’s armored skin. Seeing their advance blunted the Orders attempted a different tactic. The specialist order sgt cautiously advanced around the field of fire of the Dakini sniper, and position in such a way as to be able to forward observe the aleph flash pulse bot foolishly left in the open. Unfortunately it took two attempts to succeed, and there were not enough orders left to fully pull back.

OSS Turn 2 (HVT Espionage, Data Scan, Net-Undermine)
Clearly angered by the wound inflicted onto her by the PanO knight, first order involved repositioning the link team, cheifly the HMG dakini coming around the tower to engage the Santiago at favorable range. In a hail of fire, the HMG tore through the gallant knights armor leaving him a corpse. On the opposite flank success was more limited as the doctor and to order sgt were holding the proxy at bay. Clearly frustrated the proxy sacrificed himself to concentrate entirely on the TO trooper, taking him off the board with shock rounds, while the Doctor extracted vengeance by killing the Proxy in return. Returning to the right flank the link team advanced, crossing the midway point of the field, the Deva paused to undermine the PanO battlenet, accomplishing yet another objective. With orders remaining they continued the advance, firing her spitfire into the magister with missile launcher who wisely dodged rather than fire in close proximity. Though agile at first, a second volley brought that knight down as well. Realizing they had gotten overexposed, the Deva ordered the team to pull back, but not before sending a wild volley of fire into the PanO flashpulse bot. Though four missed wildly, one shot critically struck an exposed cable and took the bot down.

Military Orders Turn 2 (Extreme Prejudice, Data Scan, Follow-up)
Having suffered brutal casualties, their link broken and the lieutenant lost, the knights were in a tough spot. In times like these, when in doubt, charge! Leading the way the magister ran headlong into the fray. Dodging fire from multiple sources he made his way closer toward the nearest enemy hvt. Working the angle, he fired his shotgun into the Dakini watching the corner and rendered in unconscious. Additionally the flechette arounds struck a second dakini nearby, taking it down as well. Spurred on by his success the Magister pushed forward, encouraged by the expenditure of command resources to allow him this chance. Dodging long range fire, shrugging off flashes of bright light the Magister finally managed to end within visual and proximity range of his target hvt. Unfortunately, fatigued from his long run he fumbled with the followup on switch and couldn’t engage it in time before the turn was up.

OSS Turn 3 (Extreme Prejudice, Data Scan, Test Run)
Sensing victory in reach, the link team advanced, aiming to take out the last santiago, depriving the knights of their datatracking ability and securing the win. However the knight was not ready to go down, weathering torrents of fire from the Deva he struck back, killing her with pinpoint accurate return fire. Seeing that strategy was not to be, Aleph revealed the waiting proxy mark 2, which came around and fired point blank at the nearby magister. Amazingly he dodged clear. A second salvo and the knights armor protected him. A third and yet still alive. Growing angry the proxy fired a fourth time finally bringing the magister down. Switching forms to the engineer, the post human walked right up to the downed body. She took aim at the knights basal forebrain and splattered it against the wall. No resurrection for this one she thought coldly. Remembering the objectives she moved across the street and quickly repaired one of the downed dakini closest to her.

Military Orders Turn 3 (Data Scan, Predator, Experimental Drug)
Fighting purely for honor now, the lone knight took it upon himself to take care of things himself. As acting LT he stepped forward and began a scan of the dakini around the corner. It tried to reset its OS but failed, allowing the knight to upload the records of its functioning into his datatracker. With few options left he came around the corner, taking fire from multiple directions. Splitting his burst he managed to wound the proxy engineer, and drop the dakini HMG while only suffering a wound in return. With his final gasp he launched himself into close combat with the wounded engineer, cutting her into pieces to avenge his fallen Magister comrade.

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