Asteroid Blues


Round two ( Capture the flag )

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Again on October 11, 2019 The commanders on both sides saw how well and how close the game was with a big force, so they wish to see what smaller forces would be able to do. For my small team of soldiers I had Squalo tag, Patsy Garett, a Fusilier lieutenant, and a Helot militiaman. Our opponents were the Caledonians with William Wallace leaving them in a five man link team. They also had some dog with them named McKrueger, McGruff or something like that and this time they were the ones going first and of course they took out my tag first and then proceeded to throw smoke to try and get in close to the flag. And but Patsy, and the lieutenant were able to keep their forces at bay, until next turn when they brought up that dog person who love to throw smoke so that he could grab the flag and proceeded to run back to his side of the field. That didn’t fly well with Patty so she chased after him. Unfortunately they threw more smoke and Patty was in unable to get the flag back, and was knocked out by their wing team. It was a good game Arianna just was able to tip the scales in their favor by blaming our units with smoke.

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Srgt. Vanguard

One Comment

  • Berithh says:

    It’s a tough loss, when someone goes and grabs the flag under the cover of smoke! Good attempt though.