Asteroid Blues


Scouting mission

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Shiny shirt
VS Ariadna
Srgt. Vanguard

Well it was just supposed to be a simple scouting mission in the Gorge to see if any combined army had made any incursion in the area, but instead we found some Ariadna troops doing the same. We had a few wards, they complained about us causing interference with there comes and antennas, we stated that it wasn’t us coursing the interference, and that it was most likely there lack of technology. That started more insults, and a fight broke out.
They gave us a good beating and we had to pull back for the time being.

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Srgt. Vanguard

One Comment

  • Danger Rose says:

    Just a firendly reminder, reports with less than 150 words and less than 3 pics are not counted by the AI Historians at the end of the campaign. Also, a good battle report, even of a loss can earn a prize from Corvus Belli if selected, so even if you lose, it helps to give the extra effort. I think last year good reports of loses were awarded some points for the player’s faction, but don’t quote me on that.