Asteroid Blues


Rapid Turnaround

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VS Haqqislam

Beth stormed across the field, two of her arms holding up a blazing MULTI machine gun, tearing up everything ahead of her, while another contemptuously hurled shipping crates out of her way, and the last swung a great blade the size of a helicopter rotor, cleaving asunder another of these pitiful biological mortals. She exulted in the feeling of perfect freedom, the ability to impose her will upon any who would oppose their righteous cause. This was power! This was the true glory of the perfect immortal machine! This was... Being rudely interrupted by her second's irritating Maya-pings.

'Boss?' Shakti said, sounding nearly as irritated as Beth was. 'Are you still out there? 'Cause. We lost. You know that, right? You know we weren't just here to kill people?'


Huzzah, for the dice went my way for once! Alas, for the TACOS cards did not. The game opened with thepoorman taking a nearly insurmountable lead and no amount of stomping around with a Marut fixed that.

Here we go!
It's hard to see in the distance, but a Khawarij peeked out right into the Naga's line of fire. She then died instantly, as is her wont. I blame the lack of paint.
Lieutenant Rashida was front-and-centre in scoring objectives, and thepoorman was taught a swift lesson in the folly of front-line lieutenants. I personally have never learned this lesson and have no intention of doing so.
Even Atalanta's rifle couldn't fully stop the advance of the Khawarij towards objective points.
And even the Khawarij could do little to stop the Marut's stompy rampage!
Alas, though, it was all this here Dakini Paramedic could do to keep the game from being a total shutout. Battles are won in objective points, not kills!
And we had lots of company during the game.

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