Asteroid Blues



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VS Haqqislam
Look out! She's right behind you! Oh god no they have cyber airpods in...

'Loooooooks like it worked, Ma'am,' Hypatia said over her Maya-link as she peered through space binoculars at the figures moving in the caves. 'But I don't think it's the Nomads the remotes lured out. It's... Yeah, that team's Haqqislam. Looks like they've got a TAG with them...'

'A Bouraki TAG?' Beth asked, a little overt enthusiasm breaking through her icy Asura demeanour. 'I don't suppose...'

'Same one, Ma'am,' Hypatia said. 'Even got the chipped paint from before.'

'Excellent. Oh, excellent,' Beth said. 'I must ask into redress from our earlier altercation.'

With as much glee as an implacable murder-robot can experience, Beth fully instantiated herself in her new body. High above the stacked shipping crates and prefab buildings, a pair of violet lights flicked on, shining down with terrible purpose.


So apparently, when luck goes my way, it doesn't go my way by halves. I had tried a similar list before and it failed very very badly. I figured this time I'd bring along a bucket of cheap specialists and claim TACOS objectives while thepoorman was distracted with killing my Marut.

I was not entirely expecting the dice-related devastation that transpired.

The team!
The field! Also pictured: The opposition, only badly. Not pictured: Deployment, because I forgot.
The TAGs stare each other down.
Throughout the game, I thought it would be funny to insist on having this Dakini take each and every ARO it was entitled to.
Gregory inspects the missilier and her backup.

Thepoorman took the first turn, and sought to re-enact the last battle between the Marut and the Maghariba. I will -entirely- credit what happened next to my remembering how cover works with TAGs. Five entire orders got sunk into the Maghariba shooting at the Marut, and when the smoke cleared, the Marut was plenty banged up and both the Maghariba and the missilier were on the ground.

Remember when I said a few photos back that I thought it would be funny to insist on the Dakini Paramedic's AROs? The Maghariba was finished by its crit.

With nobody alive that could see us, it was time to grab TACOS cards. One looked easy - just have my Dakini sidle over to a target and make a WIP roll at it.

I did not get that card this turn.

Because that's just how this game was going, thepoorman started his turn by having a Nazmat break the Maghariba over a natural sixteen. In consolation, luck allowed his doctor to absolutely vapourise this Dakini. With nobody to stop them, a fireteam came round the corner to grab a card with that objective; by which I mean, fail, and then force thepoorman to break the fireteam to get the objective with a Lieutenant Order.
My turn again! I'll have the surviving Dakini head over to the briefcase guy and contrARE YOU SERIOUS
For once, Hypatia's nomen was no omen.

At the top of Turn 2, thepoorman was in Loss of Lieutenant and didn't have a whole lot left alive, and the TACOS spread was favouring me pretty hard. We called it there.

And if you think this game was fast, wait'll you see the next one.

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  • Shnuggles says:

    It seems a new super-tag is being prepared for deployment. Furry, many times the size of Maggie even. Surely a terror on the battlefield.

  • thepoorman says:

    Also, I wasn’t aware there was existing art showing a Marut sneaking up on some hapless Haqqislamites. Why, *why* does the Marut have high heels and massive breasts?

  • thepoorman says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever lost a game this badly before, but it’s evened out by Shamash’s next report when I’ve never won a game so hard before. Last night was *bonkers*.