Asteroid Blues


-Accidentally Fires Entire Magazine Into My Own Leg; 100% Accuracy-

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VS Haqqislam

'Beth, did you really, -really- have to shout "How can you challenge a perfect immortal machine" at them? 'Cause guns, Beth. Guns are how you do that.'


This was a fast game, at least, in that it was over at the opening of Turn 2. The entire thing came down, essentially, to a fight between a Marut and a Maghariba. And, alas! The dice were simply not on my side.

The table setup was thoroughly inspected by the experts.
The team! A Marut, a Sophotect, and a Deva Hacker. Don't get attached.
And the opposition.
In retrospect, starting on top of a building was probably a bad idea. If you squint, you can see the Maghariba, sensibly in cover.

I had a fairly decent first turn, which mostly consisted of Hypatia the sophotect jogging around the nearby buildings nabbing objectives. The Marut and Maghariba exchanged a few shots, dinging the Maghariba's paint.

Their turn was much less decent, for me at least. The Maghariba opened up on the Marut, and wound up getting disabled by the Marut's AROs. A Nazmat was right on hand, though, and soon the Maghariba was right back to shooting the Marut into scrap metal. It then scuttled up the side of the board, taking a few potshots at Hypatia, who dove into cover near the Marut's ruins, and also downing the Deva who was perched up on the catwalks. The turn ended with the Maghariba perched right over Hypatia, just waiting for her to try something. She fixed the Marut! She fixed the Marut.

Alas: Heavy Flamethrowers.

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