Asteroid Blues


Shasvasti - my 1st attempt

Combined Army
VS Yu Jing
James Benzel

Caliban moves up, gets discovered, but used 2nd half to keep moving.
Takes 2 orders, but flips far right console to activate back heater.
He then goes hack into camp and moves I to a bldg.
Victor puts marksman on a q drone on top of bldg
Move dr worm up to cover angles, then spend command token and last order to put seed soldier, doc worm into suppression.
Player 2:
Moves up at bot into position.
Uses impetuous orders on shaolin to throw smoke
Puts marksman on rui shi and moves it up behind smoke and tries to shoot. Gets critted.
Repairs bot, but doesn’t attempt to shoot. Moves up several kuang shi and kanren with coordinated orders, then puts them in suppression.

Turn 2
Use victor to put out white noise
Use gwailo to shoot rui shi
Put marksman on 2nd q drone. Move it out to kill opponents tr bot.
Move up and shoot opponent’s mowang (data tracker)
Move seed soldier into room/spot to cover approach with chest mines. Pass

Opponent engineering on T.R. bot.
Moves bot up to shoot, and I crit him.
Opponent moves kanren into position around lane I could move up, to protect back line from my models coming around and taking out back line of troops.
At end of turn, player concedes victory to me.

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