Asteroid Blues


Mincer in the Gorge

VS Tohaa

- Tired of difficult and noble deeds, fighters? Good news: no tricky maneuvers - we hold positions, activate disabled terminals and do not allow anyone to climb into the generator room. Bad news: they will almost certainly want to stop us. There are a lot of mercenaries who are ready to sell their mother for several thousand loans. Hope our Maggie scares them off.

- Yes, your words to God’s ears, Saad - a detachment without identification marks on the scanner! Tohaa mercenaries.

- Hi Saad, Lousy day today! Sorry, nothing personal. But we will take this area. What do you say, can we disperse peacefully?
- ʾIn shāʾ Allāh...
- I understand you, well, very sorry.

I win the initiative roll and choose to go second. I decide to replace the Nanoespionage card with Secure HVT. I decide to take a chance and secretly put Tuareg near the enemy’s console, but the infiltration roll is unsuccessful - I still can’t understand why, I put Tuareg on the edge of the table (I still expect to run at least to the HVTs that we set next to and execute the card).

Turn 1

KIEL-SAAN of the enemy gets into a shootout with my sniper and kills him. After that, he tries to get around my link from the flank, but we both suddenly notice that Maggy sees perfectly KIEL-SAAN running around and opens fire on him. After the second run under TAG fire, the enemy dies.

My opponent, upset by the loss of a heavy infantryman, uncovers CLIPSOS and shoots Tuareg, who tried unsuccessfully to dodge bullets. Triads move forward, one takes a position in the center of the table, hiding behind the stands of a billboard. Then CLIPSOS passes through the building towards Ghulam, kills one and becomes in the Suppression Fire state.

It was my turn to avenge the death of fighters. The TAG goes to the firing position and tries to shoot Clipsos, but does not hit the blurry target, and Klipsos (obviously impressed by Maggie who suddenly emerged from around the corner) cannot fall on the roof in time to be out of the reach of the TAG guns. Therefore, by the following order, I burn the enemy. Then I turn the car around and, under cover of the generator’s room corner, go out onto the triad with light rocket launcher and burn two of the three fighters. Before death, they seem to have shoot, but the armor of the TAG is strong! But the pilot forgot that the central building is energized - a powerful electromagnetic pulse disables all communications of the tank, as well as some of the systems that are responsible for control.

Turn 2

The only surviving liaison officer in the triad that the Maghariba Guard has destroyed is rushing to the terminal in a desperate attempt to activate it. And he succeeds, albeit at the cost of his life. The second triad is divided, for some reason Kamael crosses the road in full view of the TAG and dies (enemy lieutenant). Ektros and Taagma, understand that they have only a few minutes left, bursting into the generator room.

Ghulam-doctor takes upon himself a wounded friend and, covered by other embroidered fighters, goes to the nearest terminal and activates it. Then, going to the other end of the battlefield, activates the second terminal.

Turn 3

Tohaa mercenaries occupy a circular defense inside the building.
The doctor carries the wounded to the exit of their danger zone, at the same time protecting civilians who were nearby. The rest of Hakkislam’s fighters make a desperate attempt to bring down control of the room, but this venture ends in a bloody battle in which my lieutenant, communications officer and TAG pilot died. The Tohaa mercenaries fought desperately for their lives.

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