Asteroid Blues


An Unexpected Encounter

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VS Tohaa

“Today an order has been received to advance to the Cannon Batteries. We come, look around, if possible we are fixed on the approaches. Then we wait for reinforcements. And all that we have strengthened today is there Questions? Great!”
The detachment arrived at a small communication center adjacent to the Xaraks Batteries, in the beginning everything went smoothly, there was no resistance.

Haqqislam won the initiative and chose his second move.

“Lieutenant, it seems we have guests!”
"Strange, Tohaa should not be in this area, probably these are mercenaries. Until a connection is established, we fight off everything that climbs into this gate. Delilah, as soon as possible deal with these damned communication antennas, after half an hour there should be a connection!"

Tohaa was seated at the buildings opposite the main gate and began to seep out of the side aisles. One of the triads immediately went to the right antenna, and Kotail turned on the holoprojector and rushed straight into the center of the complex through the buildings.

“Here is a jumping shaitan! This is Zafira, I couldn’t shoot him, Kotail left for containers opposite the gate!”
“Got it, our silent guys promised to clean the center.”

Haris Asavira and two Muyibs bypassed the enemy fighters from the flank and sequentially destroyed Clipsos sniper, Kotail and one paramedic from the triad (crit with a single shot). On the way, a civilian was discovered and checked - just a local engineer who did not manage to hide from the fire.

- Carefully shoot from the spitfire! (a chuckle is clearly heard through the noise of interference) The guy from the triad who delved into our antenna burst his head.

Muib doctor goes under fire to establish a connection.
This is followed by a rather lengthy shootout of the ectros and Hassasins, in which one of the Muyibs and the Ectros die.
Asawira is already single-handedly passing through the gate from the side of Tohaa's former positions and clearing the location. One of the antennas has been successfully activated, a zone under the control of Haqqislam fighters. We are waiting for the arrival of reinforcements.

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