Asteroid Blues


Extreme cold

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Combined Army
VS Tohaa

0-12 reconnaissance drone flying over the area:
– Alien activity detected, Tohaa Units in the area stopping advance of troops of the combined army.

During an incursion of recognition of the troops of the Force of contact Onyx to locate and secure the consoles these are seen in a face-to-face confrontation with Neema Sastar and the soldiers under his command, although the fog is thick due to the low temperatures Neema arrives to easily recognize several of the enemy troops, which he knows from his own empirical knowledge, will not be easy to defeat.
Leading from the outpost a Samaritan Umbra observes with eyes as perverse as penetrating and orders the two Xeodrons guarding him behind his back, - advancing, locating and destroying all resistance.


Army Combined wins the initiative.
The rapid action of the combined army allows the troops to win the initiative, but the Tohaa forces organized in their triads quickly deploy their units in the most suitable places.

First turn: Combined army

Trying to move forward the Combined Army carries out the corresponding maneuvers, in this way the Beacon IA model Ímetrion lands on the field successfully.
In the high zone strategically located the Makreep Tracker is able to see one of its peers on an elevated structure, and shoots without any barracks, to which the Ektros unit responds with machine gun fire, the distances do not favor the Ektros troop but even so, he manages to knock down the Tracker, leaving her unconscious against any prognosis.

Taking advantage of the distraction the fireteam led by the nexus gets down to work on its main mission, take as many consoles as possible ... but before the movement alert and ignoring all self-assurance the accompanying unidrons are covered in fire enemy, luckily for them they manage to escape without casualties in the group and recklessly approach the Sercana console but without being able to take it since it is under direct protection by a triad.

Carelessly advancing the fireteam consisting of the two Xeodrons and the Samaritan Umbra intersect in combat with the troops whom he saw open fire and enshrined in a shooting both the ektros and haris unit is injured.

Hidden and which puppeteer handling the puppets the well-known Dr. Worm moves his faithful servants and heals the wounds that the xeodrons received in the crossfire.

Conditional on the high positions that one of the Tohaa triads managed to consolidate the Combined Army, it progresses slowly and without the help of luck it is complicated to realize its objectives.
End of Turn

First Turn: Tohaa

Before the alarming presence of the enemy troops, the Tohaa triads take action, quickly identifying that the objectives of these beings were none other than the consoles, advance steadily and without hesitation Neema Saatar to the triad that accompanies her, firmly and desiciva, throwing grenades ecplipse ensure the direct passage to the most close console, or thus avoiding enemy fire by the core of nexus.

The first capture is carried successfully and bluntly the first console, just as the first heater is secured for the Tohaa forces.

Meanwhile and from the top The Ektros that was injured, note that he can now open fire with his partner, who conveniently has a Combi with special K1 munision, taught to tear down the xeodron that leads the front forget that their Staldron units are being dangerously approaching the Consoles and that as soon as they can make use of their flash pulses to try to change the tables.
By attacking consecutively they manage to hurt almost until they knock out one of the Xeodron units.
On the other hand, Neema knows that the next objective is the console located in the central construction, and streamlines its subordinates to secure the area with ecplipse grenades and be able to move without being threatened.

Second Turn: Combined Army

The combat intensifies and the Xeodron units placate the fire of the Tohaa located on the terrace, thus knocking down the Ektros unit, but receiving many wounds from the combi k1.

The splashes are dedicated to healing these wounds, although some of the troops of said haris are engaged and are shot down in the intense fire.

Meanwhile the staldron units continue their progress towards the consoles, both the central and the closest to the group, to ponder an area that complicates the passage of enemy troops.
On the rooftop the makreep tracker wounded and bleeding slowly tries to use her self-medication itself but before the delay of the corresponding action dies without being able to do much.

Advancing formidably the Samaritan is placed in a position that compromises the third console for the advanced Tohaa, and although he cannot take control of it because he does not possess the relevant skills, he knows that if he exposes himself too much he will risk the entire mission, since the command falls on it.

Perplexed by the fall of the Tracker who covered the back of the fireteam in charge of taking the consoles of which only 3 members remain, they decide to set themselves on fire of supreme to try to placate the enemy advance and thus gain some ground while taking care of the backs for possible Surprise attacks
Again the battle is in favor of the enemy, their ecplipse bombs and the good use of these are complicating all the planned strategy and given the inability to bring down the troops high the combined advance is slowed.

Second Turn: Tohaa

With the firm advance of Neema and company, the rest of the Tohaa units feel the morale increase, preparing the ground again with great ecplipse moves towards the center of the table, eliminating in the process the staldron unit that was located there .
Proceeding with more than deserved caution they are established within the central building and are done with the control of the second console, thus also activating the remaining heating unit behind the allied lines.

On the other hand a Gao tarsos tries a descent from the skies so that he can surprise and neutralize the Med-Tec ...
Unfortunately the weather does not help and is forced to land behind friendly lines, allowing Dr Worm to continue doing his own.

Although the Combined Army has impressive weaponry power, the Tohaa troops have managed to place themselves in good positions to the point that a couple of them go unnoticed by the Combined fire ... Just high-value troops since they also possess the ability to chain I send.

This phase of the combat enters a kind of rest where both sides try to control the greatest amount of consoles with the lowest possible number of casualties, which the eclipse grenades are allowing the Tohaa group.

Third turn: Combined Army /Tohaa

The confrontation is decided ...
The cold is only getting worse and Neema Saatar knows that if he manages to reach and destroy the only heating unit that could shelter the enemy units, the combat will be terminated.
With this in mind and with everything in their favor they throw themselves into the smoke of the ecplise grenades, prepared and with the backing of the rear guard troops, they manage to destroy that unit, which also allows them to complete a classified mission of which only Neema I had knowledge.

Prepared for the worst and with the storm practically ensimates, the Tohaa triad recedes through the smoke as it moves forward, leaving Neema in a favorable position to maintain control of the exclusion zone but allowing its peers to be outside the danger area.

The wind worsens and from where it is located you can see how the Med-Tec is completely frozen, as well as the Batroids that had advanced to the middle of the terrain, of which only its leader, the Nexxus, survives.

Although rude and obstinate in the face of defeat, the Samaritan Umbra fights against the cold that slowly freezes him until he removes the last drop of life from his inert body.

On the other hand The Xeodron that is still online, desperately searches for Neema but between the wind, and the extreme weather that does not allow to see much more than what is in front of it is that it barely manages to enter the exclusion zone to ensure it .

Proud with his achievement the Tohaa squad ends the confrontation, thus undertaking the withdrawal of the land and requesting the extraction ...

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