Asteroid Blues


Ammo Module Incident

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VS Tohaa


Tactical group of the Task force “3-5-41” dispatched from spaceport using a repurposed civilian transport ship to Xaraks Battaries to take part in Operation “Gravity Falls”. Under pressure of O-12 Haqqislamite forces were forced to start a massive retreat from previously secured Artillery Batteries. Task Force was a part of large support group, whose objective was to provide security to haqqislamite forces on Xaraks Artillery Battery and maintain the safe extraction routes.

During the flight ship was attacked by unknown enemy, took some minor damage and was forced to make an emergency landing in the Ammo Module near the Artillery Batteries.

Immediately after getting of the damaged ship, haqqislamite forces secured perimeter and got ready for the possible attack. While soldiers were getting ready, Master Al-Djabel himself went to scout the local buildings around the armory. The only Bashi Bozouk was sent on long range scouting under civilian holo-image. Commannder of the tactical group, Hafza Officer attuned his holoprojector to take look of Najjarun technical specialist. Liberto fighter, who was one of so called “local talents” picked up here, on asteroid, mined some passages to Haqqislamite positions.

Waiting did not take long. In less then fifteen minutes Shihab drone, placed on the roof was attacked by unknown shooter…

Gao Rael aimes at Shihab Remote

1st Round

Enemy Turn

Unknown sniper (Later identified as Gao Rael) attacks Shihab drone, but drone responds with two critical hits in return. Paramedic stabilizes Gao Rael and gets him back to consciousness. With second attempt injured sniper reached his goal and Shihab ends in unconscious state. Strange creature (Later unidentified as Kauuri Sentinel) is getting to Master Al’Djabel’s position and while he was trying to pretend that he was one of local civilian workers. Al’Djabel was discovered and shot in the back by another shady shooter (Later identified as Draal). One group of enemy troops (As it comes later there were Draal with two other Tohaa Troops) broke in thought the side door of Armory using D-charge.

Haqqislam Turn

Two Gazis, who has safe routes, advances forward and placing smoke screens, while 2 other Gazi staying on there positions (it costs an effort for commander). On of Gazis getting to armory and successfully jamming the link leader of enemy triad in there. Mukhtar gets in to position and, in result of continuous fire exchange, eliminating Gao Rael on the top container. After that, he proceeds on the eastern flank and spots strange movement ahead, in the passage near a large building. It was camouflaged enemy infiltrator (later identified al Igao). Mukhtar cuts him down with burst of his red fury and retreats back to second line of defense. Retreating, he is making couple of control shots to Gao Rel hanging from the container. Liberto proceeds to the armory entrance, and placing mines near the corner in case of possible enemy attack. While doing that he detects someone watching him from around the far corner of the armory. Two quick shotgun blasts with the mine explosion and shredded body of Makaul falls from around the corner. Liberto smirks placing another mine on the ground.

Mukhtar (Assawira) Steps back to safety after intensive shootout

2nd Round

Enemy Turn

Enemy attacks through central passage with a pair of troopers armed with spitfire and heavy flamethrower (Later identified as Rasail with Chaksa). They are rushing through central area near the empty loader. Chaksa moves around the corner and releases the river of flame on Gazi and Liberto standing near the armory door. Libertos lightning reflexes helped him to duck in time, but Gazi, who responded with his chain rifle, wasn’t so lucky. Chaksa trying to move further in haqqislamite positions, by the way setting Liberto on flames. In that time other Gazis jammed the communication of Chaksa (and most likely damaged his brain, because after that he remains still with glass look in his eyes). Rasail retreats and takes cover behind the terrace stairs. While Liberto remains cindered, the Makaul trooper got basic medical care with medkit shot and regained consciousness. It is his turn to smirk now.

Haqqislam Turn

Bashi Bazouk returns from scouting mission through the eastern half of region border. To her surprise (and excitement) there is the battle going. In a moment she spots shady figure (Later identified as Kerail Preceptor) near a stack of containers, and without hesitation engages it with her submachine gun. Getting under fire Kerail was forced to step back to cover of the container stack. From cover he manages to get a lucky shot, which puts an end to unlucky Bashi Bazouk. Meanwhile, Mukhtar got out of safety, and used smoke screen to engage Rasail, after continuous shootout Rasail got his bio armor slightly damaged and goes prone behind the terrace. Mukhtar proceeds to safety behind of the houses in the central area of the haqqislamite deployment zone. While moving backwards, Mukhtar was ambushed by another shooter who lied on the stack of containers in western part of the region. Catching a bullet and answering with burst from red fury, Mukhtar got to safe spot behind a house.

Bloodthirsty Makaul ready to take his revenge.

3rd Round

Tohaa turn

Gazi who is nearest to Armory got immobilized by foul pheromone magic. Makaul is advancing through western flank screening him self with eclipse smoke screen, and dodging mine explosions. He trying to get to Mukhtar to take his revenge for his fallen comrades. In short time he got to his target. Makaul slashed Mucktar and nearest Nafattun dead with his spear, but in return got jammed by Gazi who overcame foul extra planetary sorcery. Remaining Tohaa forces got closer to armory building

Haqqislam turn

Hassassin Farzan sneaked to the armory and initiated doors opening. Naffatun with light flamethrower advanced to opened doors, and rushed in unleashing his flamethrower on two Tohaa soldiers. On of them fell unconscious, just like naffatun himself catching a few shots. Farzan tried to get remaining enemy troops with his light shotgun, but instead got killed himself.

Final stand off inside the armory


After the recognition that "enemy" encountered, was not enemy at all, but group of Tohaa Sentinels forces to retreat from the heavy clash with caledonians ceasefire were negotiated. It became clear that this battle was a result of misunderstanding. Haqqislamite doctor provided all medical assistance he could for everyone from both sides (as far as human doctor could help tohaa). After that Haqqislamite forces left group of tohaa sentinels behind, and set their path to Artillery battery to connect with major forces.

In conclusion, I need to say that I did some critical mistakes during deployment. First, everyone who could open armory was too far from it. Like in 5-6 orders of safe movement. Second, catastrophically bad placement of Al'Djabel. Plus, that was my first game vs Tohaa. (I even constantly asked my opponent who is who in his army). I want to say thanks to my opponent, he was really good and fun to play with.

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