Asteroid Blues


Luźne Spotkanie w Vanaheim v2

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VS Ariadna

In this game the 1st goes ariadna, from begining aleph site loses all shooting test.
Ariadna Round 1st :
Specnaz kill Dakini sniper, and Dakini HMG, he also have killed antena, dispertion deploy antena near enemy.
Also the Imraldinho taking one of antenas.
Aleph Round 1:
I started from reparing all of my link dakini, i used 1st comand token to reactive link.
I also heve oportunity to kill 1 kazak with HMG by HRL, and lucky asura kills Rattnik.

Ariadna round 2.
in this round again aleph loses dakini, sniper, hmg, and comobi, this time hmg is destroyed to end.
Also the 2 yadu troops going ded, Ariadna loses imraldinho. Thanks to warcor the killing is stoped, he sucesfully make hmg spec blind.

Aleph Round 2.
This round again i repair dakini, this time all game was to Asura, 1st she retake enemy antena, secend she kills Vassily. Next asura takes the center point of map, Daleth rebot was try to kill specnaz but he only misses.

Ariadna round 3 .
This time Asura dies she was killed by enemy link and hmg ap amunition. Also neer all aleph forces, ariadna also takes the antena. And kills neer all the dakini.

Aleph round 3.
I start from retret!, only because of rem and nwi on engi i was ablo to do anythink, on begining i was got LOL, and Retreet! i was use last comand token and irregular on dakini to take the center obcetive.

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