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Flavor Company S04 E01 "Snake Soup"

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VS Yu Jing

There’s so much joy contained in the Fourth Season premiere of Hannibal’s spin-off life-steaming show, Flavor Company, that it can be jarring. For years we’ve grown used to watching these ariestos in the Hexadrome and in the heavily edited and curated combat in Soldiers of Fortune, but now we finally get to see these Mayanet stars stretch their legs outside enjoying the street cuisine of Novvy Bangkok. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Foreign Company operation without a surprise fight, this time featuring Mia “Valkyrie” Anderson and her elite security force!

Mia's adventures take her into the seedy underbelly of Jiyuan, an mining sector of the asteroid with its own cultural mélange of Russian and Thai immigrants. Jiyuan was a thriving commercial and industrial hub during the hey-days of the Blinov-Ngamsan Conglomerate, but now it's mostly known by its lawless reputation instead of shaft tunnels full of neomaterials. Mia, however, is here for a famous "snake soup"; snakes were never imported to the Homeric Belt, so who knows what the locals make it out of!

Of course, matters take an EXPLOSIVE turn when Yu Jing militia interfere in the expedition. The life-stream cuts as their Heavy Infantry begin pounding her squad's area with missiles; doubtless the Foreign Company doesn't want to weaken their operational security just to give us viewers a peak into live combat, but it's unsatisfying that the audience has to wait for this weekend's Soldiers of Fortune to see the finale. How Flavor Company plans to address this with their foodie life-streaming service will ultimately decide its fate.

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