Asteroid Blues


Truly Invincible

Yu Jing
VS Combined Army

I had a grand plan to spice up this report with fluff and art, but it feels a little late for that heh. Hopefully this’ll do!

Shasvastii Turn 1

The Shasvastii are the first to deploy and they seize the initiative, surging into action. A Haris composed of Corax Hasht, Victor Messer and a Jayth Cutthroat move up but their advance stalls as they trade fire with a waiting Haidao sniper. Hasht lands several hits but the Haidao holds strong, weathering the damage and holding position.

Corax Hasht and the Haidao sniper trade fire
The Haris advances. Hasht tags the Haidao but it holds fast.

Messer drops White Noise so the Haris could move past the Haidao into a fortified position. The Jayth moves into line of sight of the Zhanshi HMG and takes an unlucky stray round, going down. Hasht shifts over to trade fire with the Zhanshi HMG on the flank and goes down as well.

Victor Messer drops White Noise, blocking the Haidao's vision and allowing the Haris to reposition more aggressively. However, the Jayth exposes itself to the Zhanshi HMG, who manages the shot despite ODD.

The Haiduk atop a building on the opposite flank stands up and lays down suppressive fire, while an Ikadron moves up to help claim the quadrant.

Invincible Army Turn 1

A Liu Xing walks onto the edge of the board behind the Ikadron - which fails its change facing - and shotguns it down. He then moves over into sight of the camo token, which reveals itself to be a Mentor Lieutenant by unloading its shotgun into the approaching AD troop. The Liu Xing proves the victor of that fight as well.

A Liu Xing wreaks havoc in the backlines.

With the White Noise dissipated, the Haidao fires at Messer, forcing him to back away and the fireteam pushes up, leaving the lieutenant behind as she started out of coherency. The sniper takes out the Haiduk, out of range of its suppressive fire, and the team continues up, again going after Messer.

The Haidao picks off the Haiduk on the far red building.

The team’s Pangguling advances, shotgun firing, but Messer survives again and dives for cover. The way clear, the team assumes an overwatch position.

Meanwhile, the Mowang and its Pangguling companion move up to claim their quadrant.

Victor Messer is forced to take cover while the fireteam moves up in overwatch positions.

Shasvastii Turn 2

Messer stands up and makes a last ditch attack, triggering three different AROs from the waiting fireteam, but laying his nanopulsers across the Pangguling and the hacker. They both manage to survive but Messer is not so lucky. A hull breach occurs from the destruction, affecting both the hacker and the Pangguling but they luck out once again and avoid getting spaced.

Victor goes out in a blaze of glory.

A Malignos reveals itself from hidden deployment and pushes up, ambushing the Mowang. However, the Mowang tanks the hits and holds position. Low on orders, the Shasvastii commander orders a retreat.

A Malignos appears and attacks the Mowang but it stands fast.

We called the game at this point since my opponent only had two orders left to my nine and we wanted to get a second game in (this is also why we both ran 200 point lists).

The game really came down to the fact that my armor rolls were absolutely on fire. I don't think my troops failed a single armor roll all match. Kudos to my opponent for not looking salty at all!

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