Asteroid Blues


The real asteroid blues

Ogre Magi
VS Combined Army

After winning the LT roll I took first turn and was forced to deploy first. We’ve got a lot of nodes to press and shasvastii to defend against. I deployed fairly forward, enjoying the extra 4” of deployment, while hating the fact that I couldn’t infiltrate at all.
Luke’s final reserve model was an impersonator who went right next to my very obvious Interventor HD+ LT. I had a jaguar next to it which required 3 orders to eventually discover and kill it. The remainder of my turn was spent pushing my lunukhod up and using white noise to kill an MSV marksmanship shas guy.
The game eventually ended weith my having pressed more buttons as I did thje normal nomad thing of taking tons of hackers. The scariest moment was when victor messer was trying to kill my interventor through my repeater. Wip 15 and suckerpunch won out though.

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Ogre Magi