Asteroid Blues


The Famous Four

VS Tohaa

The Famous Four

Dramatus Personae
• William Wallace
• Tearlach “Dearg” McMurrogh
• Cpl. Uxia McNeill (covert action)
• Isobel McGregor
• SAS – Lt. Archibald Pennyworth
• SAS – Cpl. Sheamus O’Brien
• SAS – Cpl. Marcus MacDonald
• 112 – Sgt. Maxwell McArthur
• Scots Guard – Sgt. William Jacobs
• Scots Guard – Pvt. Patrick O’Connor
• Volunteer (chain) (female) – Pvt. Riley O’Neill
• Volunteer (chain) (male) – Pvt. Brodie Ferguson
• Volunteer (chain) (male) – Pvt. Arthur McGregor
• Highlander – Pvt. Duncan Shaw
• Highlander – Pvt. Declan Galloway
• Highlander (twin 1) – Pvt. Niall MacLean
• Highlander (twin 2) – Pvt. Kieran MacLean
• Highlander – Pvt. Samuel O’Neill
• Warcor – Alfred “Alfie” Hicox

Location: Xaraxs Battery – Ammunition and Supply Module

“Alien forces spotted up ahead sir” Sgt. Jacobs informed Wallace, “It looks like they’re trying to get into one of the equipment storage rooms. The ammo and supply module is crawling with the alien filth, our force have been pushed back”

“I’m sure the Russians and Americans will call it a tactical retreat” Wallace said a smirk crossing his face “But we will not be so tactical”. Wallace turned to look at the Scots Guard. Sgt Jacobs wore the armour and colours of his regiment, his long camo cloak draped over his shoulders. Wallace was glad that he had some of the guard with him for this battle. While their armour made them slower than the SAS they were no less sneaky, and where the SAS trained to fight in close combat the Scots Guard drilled in marksmanship.

“Sgt. Jacobs, Lt. Pennyworth, send your men forward into positions to defend the armory. It’s time to teach these Tohaa that they messed with the wrong Ariadnans” Both men saluted and left without another word.

Wallace walked over to where Isobel McGregor was talking to some of the volunteers, listening to one of them recount the tales of their victory against a might Tohaa at the Quarry. They went silent as Wallace came close. “Don’t stop your tale because of me. A warrior should be proud of their victories, especially against a foe as mighty as yours”. Pvt. McGregor smiled. Pvt. McGregor finished his story, recounting the tale of the giant Kiel-San he had felled with his shotgun.

As he concluded Wallace motioned for Isobel to follow him, excusing themselves from the conversation. “I’m going to need you to get into the armory in the battle ahead Isobel, you’re the only one that will be able to get into the system to open only the doors we need”

“Don’t worry these systems are simple enough, I shouldn’t have any problem. Plus if I have any troubles I’m sure Tearlach will be happy to just cut the door down” Isobel smiled at the great warrior. “Was Arthur’s kill really as impressive as his tale suggests?”

“It was, he did well and represented your clan bravely”

Mission Objectives: The Armory
2 points – more items from panoplies
1 points – hold the objective room at the end of the turn (scored each turn)
4 points – hold objective room at the end of the game
1 point – classified objective

Caledonian Classified Objective: Espionage

Tohaa Classified Objective: Experimental Drug

The table was set up for The Armory with the modified rules from the Astroid Blues campaign. Tohaa won the role and chose to go second. Caledonia chose to have Tohaa deploy first.

Tohaa Deployment:
The Tohaa left flank was deployed with a Chaksa with heavy flamer, the Taquel and his symbiobugs and a symbiobomb, and one of the Kaeltars. In the centre a Rasail boarding team and his Chaksa was deployed alongside a Makaul, and another Chaksa and Kaeltar. Deployed further in the centre was a Draal and Gao-Rael spitfire. Finally on the right flank a Sukeul HMG was deployed in a building with a Sakiel paramedic and a Makaul.

Caledonia Deployment:
The five Galwegians were deployed spread across the board. McMurrogh was deployed behind a building near the centre, ready to jump forward to cut is way into the armory. Isobel, Wallace and the volunteer link were deployed on the centre left of the line. The 112 was deployed hiding behind a building (he would stay there the whole game). Similar to the 112, the warcor deployed on top of a building prone and never moved. One SAS with assault rifle, and chain rifle deployed on each flank with the chain rifle light shotgun SAS deploying in the centre with the Scots Guard with SMGs. Finally the Molotok Scots Guard deployed behind a billboard on the centre left.

Counter Drops:
A Gao-Rael sniper was deployed covering the left flank. Uxia passes her superior infiltration and deploys near the Gao-Rael sniper and Taquel.

Caledonia Turn 1: Doors Made of Butter
During the impetuous phase 4 of the Galwegians advanced without concern. The fifth Galwegian moved forward into line of sight of the Gao-Rael sniper and was surprised to have them delay. Sensing something odd was going on McMurrogh ran towards the Armory door. The Gao-Rael revealed to be a Taagma schemer. McMurrogh successfully dodged smoke.

A highlander moved up the left flank triggering a mine and hitting the Gao-Rael with a chain rifle. After another order or so the Gao-Rael went down but so did the Galwegian. The Molotok Scots Guard moved out to kill the Gao-Rael once and for all, but thanks to the Draal’s stratus cloud and a couple good armour saves the Gao-Rael was not finished.

Uxia revealed and tried to gun down the Taqeul, but was crit and blown up by a symbiobug.

McMurrogh moved through the armory looting both panoplies, finding a nanopulsar and multirifle. He then cut down the door closest to the Tohaa and exited the building. He proceeded to get into a fight with the Draal downing him with a sword to the chest.

The SAS with light shotgun moved up into the Armory still in camo. Isobel moved up to place a camo marker (e/mauler) in the entrance.

Tohaa Turn 1: What Goes Down Must Get Back Up?
The Tohaa immediately began planning how to kill McMurrogh. The Makaul rushed forward with his impetuous, but McMurrogh dodged out of the way. The Taqeul seeing his chance to murder the beast with viral took a shot, but McMurrogh was able to drop smoke on an 18.

The linked paramedic Sakiel shot a paramedic shot into the Gao-Rael and Draal as he climbed the ladder. The Gao-Rael was revived (scoring experimental drug) but the shot missed the Draal. The Sukeul moved forward and gunned down a volunteer, but was blocked by a Galwegian with smoke.

Seeing his chance the Gao-Rael moved forward and shot through the smoke at the Scots Guard. Luckily the Scots Guard was able to tank both hits with his armour before moving back into cover.

The Taqeul moved forward to prepare for the next impetuous phase. He entered suppressive along with the Sukeul, and Gao-Rael.

Caledonia Turn 2: Time for the Slaughter
The Impetuous phase saw many Galwegian die, and smoke thrown. McMurrogh retrained himself to avoid death.

The left flank SAS advanced, cautiously moving to avoid the sight of the Gao-Rael. He revealed to speculative fire a grenade to the link team on the roof. No wounds were suffered but the Sukeul’s suppressive was broken. The SAS moved forward and gunned down the Gao-Rael with his assault pistol.

Seeing the fun the SAS had with grenades McMurrogh lobbed a grenade over the billboard at the Rasail, his serveant, and the Kaeltar. In the end only the Rasail lived.

The Scots Guard with SMGs moves up the left flank. The Sukeul continues to delay not wanting to get shot unopposed. The Scot Guard moves into cover close to the Sukeul then reveals. After suffering a wound the Sukeul drops prone.

McMurrogh leaps through the air killing the Sukeul with his chain rifles, but dies in the process.

Isobel advances further into the room dropping another e/mauler and going suppressive with Wallace and the molotok Scots Guard.

Tohaa Turn 2: The Rasail Responds
The Makaul climbs down the building and then moves to the corner to try and kill the Scots Guard and SAS. Both succeed their dodge rolls against the flamer.

The Scots Guard dodged around the corner, while the SAS dodges towards the makaul.

The Sakiel tries to heal the Draal but kills him with the medkit. The Rasail moves forwards funning down the Scots Guard with SMGs.

The Teqeul moves down the building and back into his deployment area. A Chaksa moves forward and sensors the e/maulers and SAS in the Armory. The Teqeul uses his symbiobomb to immobilize Isobel.

Caledonia Turn 3: Take and Hold
A Galwegian run forward throwing smoke on both sides.

The Scots Guard with Molotok moves up and shoots down the Makaul facing down the SAS. The Scots Guard then moves up the building and guns down the Sakiel.

On the right flank a Galwegain moves up in smoke and then intuitive attacks to hit the Taqeul and Rasail with his chain rifle. He then moves up and berserks
the Taqeul taking him down. The Galwegian goes dogged and chain rifles again to hit the unconscious Taqeul and wound the Rasail. Unfortunately the Taqeul saves.

Wallace quickly climbs down the building he was hiding in and moves to the armory door. He fires through and successfully shoots down the Rasail with a crit and two hits. Wallace and the remaining Volunteer enter the Armory and the Scots Guard Molotok takes up a high ground position overlooking the Tohaa entrance to the Armory.

Tohaa Turn 3: A Last Ditch Attempt
A Kaeltar moves up and flash pulses the volunteer in the Armory.

In a last ditch effort the Taqeul regenerates, and the Scots Guard fails to gun him down. The Taqeul moves forward and guns down the Scots Guard. Not having the orders to play it safe the Taqeul enters the armory gunning down Wallace but being gunned down by the SAS in return.

Final Result:

Objective Points – 10-0 for Caledonia
Victory Points – Caledonia 132, Tohaa 45

Recovering from the spray of the weird alien creature Isobel could finally move again. She rushed over to Wallace as the SAS further secured the building. Wallace’s body had suffered greatly from the viral attack, but from her time working with 0-12 Isobel was fairly certain he would be savable. The other two SAS joined them in the Armory along with the remaining troops. Isobel quickly directed the 112 to find the wounded and begin his work.

“Will he be okay?” Isobel looked up to see Alfie staring down at Wallace.

“Don’t worry, it’ll take more than some alien to take down the great William Wallace for good” She smiled “But maybe we don’t show him in the official vid”

“Of course. I think I can get some good shots without”. Alfie began talking to the SAS and before long he had Lt. Pennyworth standing heroically, his sword jammed through the head of the alien leader. Isobel laughed to herself seeing the SAS’s chain rifles and shotguns hiding just out of shot. Alfie was right, he could get good shots without. Hopefully the image of the heroic Caledonian special forces reclaiming part of the Ammo and Supply Module would motivate High Command to mount a strong counterattack.

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