Asteroid Blues


FILE 03 : Imperial Service Action Report - Case Obsidian Eagle [黑耀鹫]

Yu Jing
VS PanOceania

Briefing : Unwelcomed Visitors

Veteran Crane Rank Agent, Hu Yuansi, got involved into PanOceanian incursion upon Ji Yuan pit sites. Hardened from Kurage Crisis, his eyes saw many battles and few failures.

StateEmpire's sovereignty stood still. Ji Yuan Pit sites are full with enthusiastic workers and patriotic citizens, but there are always a darker side of society - drugs, gangs, crimes. That is why Imperial Service stands for. To protect the innocent, to maintain justice.

Crane Rank Agent, the bearer of Emperor's will, recently addressed formal instructions for preemptive capture and interrogation to prevent further Shasvastii infiltration. Surgically selected, suspicious personnel received mid-tier interrogation procedures. Gang bosses of Novy Bankok, smugglers, killer-for-payments were all sent to re-socializing programs; Problem was, there was one notorious smuggler originating from PanOceania. Hu Yuansi sent him into Kuang Shi program - but apparently he called in some religious-fervered Space Knights.

Hospitaller Knight teams and a bunch of Magister Knights rammed into Imperial Service's clandestine Jail.

The frantic rescue team ambushed Imperial Service, hi-jacking the prisoner, and tried to escape; which was jeopardized by Crane's very loyal Tiger Su Jian. Now losing their ride, Knights and one prisoner had to face Imperial Service's wrath.

"Send out the new ones." Hu Yuansi spoke emotionless. He was confident - he got a full support from local Imperial Service garrison, along with ALEPH Sophotect.

The Knights will be hunted down soon enough.

Mission : Frostbyte

The full map of Ji Yuan - II. Imperial Service used the center warehouse as a temporary prison, now raided and empty.
"Deus Vult!" Warcries of PanOceanian Knights pierces cold air of Ji Yuan.

The clash between Military Orders and Imperial Service were contrasting. Elite MO used full knights roster, and IS used Hording tactic - meant there will be blood, lots of it.

Imperial Service fielded Celestial Guards from garrison at the center, applying Flash Pulse network, and Kuang Shis - freshly recruited from Novvy Bankok.

MO answered with Full Magister - Santiago Knights Task Force, along with Hospitaller Haris.

"No Imperial Agent gives out their prisoner in hands. Such outrageous behaviors will be answered." Crane Agent swore.
Santiago Knight marches into battle..

First contact started soon after. Mighty Santiago's Knight ran into one Celestial Guard, who literally fended off a Knight by stunning flash pulse.

Missile Magister Knight, however, successes on taking out one Celestial guard - but the rest of team left undamaged.

Several Celestial guards report about Kuang Shi's attrition, but Crane rank never gave an attention to the criminals' fates.

Instead, Crane addresses the sub-controller of Kuang Shis must join his ranks. (Link Team recreation)

Crane's merciless MULTI Rifle took down missile magister easily.

Crane and his gang started the counter-offensive by taking out Missile Knight. Storming into the place where Knights catching their breath, Crane took out another Magister Knight. After that, he saw knights huddled into their comrades - thus the cruel order was out.

"You, corporal Wei, this is the will of Dragon. Blast them with your Shotgun."

Celestial Guard paused briefly, but he nodded soon. For the Dragon.

"For the Dragon, for the Jade Throne!" Brave or crazy, Celestial Guard lunges into his fate. Two Knights welcomed him with their gun, but the blasts hit thrice.
"At least you're still intact. Well done, corporal - I'll remember your name." Crane Agent gave an approving nod.

The blasts swept over Knights' position, utterly destroying their power armors and flesh inside.

MO's order supplies were low - Crane commands the retreat, but the attacks were not over yet.

"Sir, located the convict. Looks like this guy's been passed out." Loyal Wu Ming regiment succeeded on tracking down PanOceanian smuggler.

"Well done, 64. Now secure that position."
"As you wish. Sir."

Wu Ming added no comments, entering into suppression mode - Securing the flanks with his body.

"Come get some, Suckers!" He knew his doom was coming, but as a Wu Ming he need to hold fast as long as he can.

Losing the main team, MO's attacks means were limited to one. Hospitaller Haris - which were held by nearby Wu Ming. But Knights had no much choice..

"Sir, They're approaching!"
"Hold your position, Wu Ming."

Looking at sensors flickering with blue signs, Wu Ming ground his teeth.

Knights DEUSVULTing into Wu Ming suppressor.

Wu Ming did his work, but after two rounds of full-salvo volley two hot shots shoved him down.

As Wu Ming fell, the hospitallers rushed into container blocks, making it the last fortified location - But Imperial Service had its means.

Finally, Imperial Service's Ace in the hole activates. Su-Jian was waiting for it.

"Hu(虎), Go for it!"

Crane's confident voice meant the Su jian is ready for action. a Datatracker, it soon activated both consoles and easily climbs up upon warehouse.

PanO had to dig it off, to seize the victory.

"That Thing's fast!" PanOceania forces gets stunned when a Mech-Tiger gracefully glide through Debris Field.
But the Doom came fast - Su Jian tried to dodge off Bulleteer Heavy shotgun, it succeeded but a HMG Knight took out Su-Jian.

By the fall of Su Jian, game ends in a draw -

Yu Jing - Took out enemies more (3), Consoles (1), Classifieds (1)
PanOceania - Grabbing the center zone with Datatracker (3), Killing the Datatracker (2)

Score 5 vs 5, a Draw!

(P.S; I should've run Su-Jian more carefully. Oh god bless MOV 10-2 :P)

"Retreat. We've done our part." Crane rank spoke. He saw PanOceanian remotes freezing to death, while Yu Jing Forces remain intact thanks to heating systems. The victory was so close, so very close - but the last minute error made it gone. This failure will be remembered long, especially to an ambitious man like him.

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