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FILE 07 : Imperial Service Action Report - Battle of Rainbow Carp [红鲤]

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Yu Jing

Briefing : Blood in the air

Imperial Service Detachment Red Mountain[赤山], an elite force specialized in capture and interrogation.

"Last reported Dr. Min's place, is here, sir."

Celestial Guard Chang spoke with great honor. Crane rank Agent, Hu Yuansi, gave an approving nod to his men - Their arrival was to retrieve Dragon's kin, and this shall never be handled with impunity.

"Seek the area, we're here for that sole purpose."

Full map of Harry's bar Theme park section. Vast walls made it divided via east-west; perfect for seeking out ranges and surprise attacks.

- Imperial Service Action Report ; Battle of Rainbow Carp. Commander Crane Rank Agent 'Hu'.
- Enemies ; Dashat Company

"It is not easy for Imperial Service to report such a result. But you did, Sir."
"I am."

A half-naked man with his trousers only spoke angrily. His knot-free hairs were dancing in the air while the man tinkering the briefing machine.

"You placed all your Celestial Guards into such dangerous place. I didn't think that would pay off, but.."
"It did gone well. Especially the Fire support Remote - I will personally reward the man who kept it into full function. It did saved our ass."

"Holding off an enemy smuggled Bot's barrage was not an easy job, even we had Sophotect preparing to repair it ASAP." Crane gave a rare applause.
"But that Libertos - it took out our mobile battery remote, Rui Shi - was that its name?"

- Rui Shi down to Libertos, FP bot down to Libertos SMG
- Due to its 'dogged' skill, a Kuang Shi fell easily to its SMG shock rounds; two criminals gone

"It was pure luck for Ms. Marangyana to survive such a brutal Fishman. While Corporal Wang did his job to stagger that fish, it was certain his aim was to take out Ms. Marangyana - the Sophotect."

Tactical adviser Ko flipped the screens, now showing a Garuda Tacbot.

"Placing Garuda was a bold move, to end the stalemate. But Sir, did you missed the presence of Valerya Gromoz, a rag-tag Hacker?"

- Imperial Service requested drop of Garuda Tacbot into battlefield
- Gromoz easily takes it by performing Gotcha! protocol
- This mistake seriously damaged odds to victory

"It was my mistake."

Ko silently surprised when the words came out from Crane's mouth - Agent Hu is cruel, ruthless Agent of Imperial who always seek the opportunity for climbing up the ladders of Imperial Service. He rarely admits his shortcomings.

"I forgot there was a repeater bot - only to grab fast glory by destroying their back."

His eyes glinted as he saw this mistake's prominent evidence.

"The Garuda would've changed the tides of battle."

"Taking out a Hunzakut, sir. You ordered Wang to explode a Kuang Shi - but, wouldn't it be better to just let him use his pistols?" Ko flipped the data, again.

- Tries to take out Hunzakut by exploding a Kuang Shi
- Impaired Sophotect's ability to patch up Rui shi

"I was afraid of my men being struck by a shotgun."
"Reasonable, but the command made Ms. Marangyana unable to move into job. If Rui Shi survived, Jiao could use it to wipe out Brawler thugs.."
"..It was my mistake."

Agent Hu grumbled.

"From that, the battle went pretty turtle-like mode. Both sides all losing their forces to advance, it was the matter of endurance, sir. That is the major reason why High Command appeal displeased opinions about you."

"I led the charge into their clutch no doubt, but let me add one thing before I dispatch into court - "

Crane Hu slipped over a photo, a photo of MIA doctor, Min.

"She was there, badly beaten, but breathing. The Dragon's child. Tell me, as a Yu Jing people, can you pass such a visual?" Crane Rank Asked.

- Crane led the charge, to kill off enemy Zhencha to make scales different
- But it was a deathtrap - he was caught between ADHL and DEP, shooting both sides
- Lost to DEP caused Crane's death and loss of Lt

"So.. you knew it was a suicidal?"

Crane answered firmly. Shivering from the feeling of pain.

"I waged I could take an angle against that Zhencha. Yet my lack of discipline led me into deathtrap."

"After you fell, rest of your men suffered heavy losses. While Wu Ming 64 took out our major target, command judged this battle as defeat. They are asking you to explain such result."

"Did Jiao retrieved Dr. Min?"
"I bet he did, sir. As you ordered."

Crane stood up, and walked into dressing room.

"Then so be it. I failed, but still I am alive, once more, you would know what I mean. Ko."

Hu Yuansi's tactical adviser grinned. Crane, who was revived from death, began to clad up his armor. Black and Yellow, gold tinted armor of judicial elite, a Crane of Jade Empire.

"Be it once more, despicable Dashat, for I am your reckoning."

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