Asteroid Blues


FILE 06 : Clear Wind Taskforce - Operation Black Thunder [黑雷]

Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

Briefing : Distress signals.. again

Clear Wind taskforce was created upon Yu Jing's siege operation 'Drunken Fist' of Harry's Bar. Daoying Yin being their commander, today someone uncanny from 252th Invincibles came to a visit.

"If anyone hears me, I insist emergency evac upon this sites. I repeat, If any Yu Jingese hears me-"

Daoying Yin frowned beneath her facial armor. Again? Her sensors indicated someone who was very familiar. Lady Liao, a major presence in Imperial Court's judicial department - and lets be honest, saving her ass gave her some good reputations upon ISS - but why she's visiting this cramped bar again.

"Captain, I think I heard something familiar."

Zhanshi Wen asked his commander - Yin insisted them to form tactical lines, but soon their scout reported another group of hostile forces advancing rapidly.

"That thing AGAIN?!"

Zhanshi Wen screamed as he saw Robo-Scorpion shedding off Ramah Taskforce.

Tactical map of Harry's Bar disporsal sites. Field is crawling with vicious toxin material, some cans being irradiated from space radiations - What were they drinking, a BONK! cocktail?

"Ok, people! Looks like there's no Doctor Min here. We need to evac our secondary target. Escort Lady Liao to her safety."

Her Camo cloak up and running, Yin calmy ordered her men.

Something shivers upon battlefield..

Turn 1 : Its Raining Haidao!

"My code's Sea dog, not Astro-Dog, Cap'ain!" Haidao, Sea Dog lands into battle. "Shut up, you puked." Yin retailated.

Watching Muktahr overextended, Yu Jing consider that's the priority target to eliminate. Since it got Nanopulsers Kanren was not a good agent to deal with it - Haidao Engineer landed with a grace of drunken dog.

Haidao Engages Muktahr, losing one order but saves Red Fury, and finally sent him to his comrades.

"Crazy Morat inbound!!" Krakot jumps in, serving two chain rifles into Ramah's main Tarik Team. He went down, eventually, but took Naffatun with him.

Daoying then pops up her VR sight to direct control Rui Shi. Empowering it with her Hacking Console, she drives Rui Shi by 2 orders to reach Tarik.

Two more orders were spent, and Kawarij Amir fell to the ground.

Ramming Speed! Yin drove Rui Shi to end Naffatun's life, taking her out with Extreme Prejudice.
"Is their commander a Scorpion-lover?" Yin mumbled, as she set the remote into auto-aim mode.

Ramah's turn start, and happens to be - Tarik was their Lt. Shocking!

Maintaining calm, Maghariba uses Tactical Awareness order to blow up Rui Shi, and after emptying command tokens Haqqislam doctor tries to revive Tarik to his feet.

Sometimes, Monkey fell from trees; and Haqq fails the doctor roll. Tarik dies in Euthanasia.

Maghariba rushes in with fury, shooting everything in sight. Libertos fell, along with a bad lucked Kuang shi. Magharibar then tries to take out Haidao, which he tanks and goes into full cover.

Libertos shot DEP, damaging Maggy for 1 structure

Turn 2 : Black Magic

Something Eerie visualizes upon battlefield..

Upon watching a dreaded marker, Haqqislam commander's face dropped stern.

Marker-like-Hac Tao advances to the very best angle.

"Engaging Boogie!" Hac Tao Reveals himself, putting four teseum-coated bullets to Maggie's backside. It didn't paid off, since TAG saved all his bullets.

Maggie turned her face into Black Magic, Hac Tao had to face one more gunfight to take care of TAG - but Yu Jing had other means.

At the very midst of field, three celestial guards move together.

"I got him, sir!" Kanren politely announced, still his voice trembling with zeal.

Destroying TAG, Haqqislamite forces dwindle severely. Hac Tao takes care of Kawarij, goes back into Marker state - and Kanren declares suppression fire. As Yu Jing's turn end, his body flickers into three resembling Kanren(s).

Sudden burst of SMG made Haidao duck into cover. "Hakims! sir, their last fang!" Sea Dog urgently briefs.

Desperate, Hakim lands into battlefield - with his Ph.D level accuracy, SMG takes out Kanren and force Haidao to back off. Still, he didn't got much orders to engage Hac Tao.

"Secured Lady Liao!" Bald Zhanshi, Wen reported HVT's safety.
Hac Tao easily make Hakim into beehive. At this moment Haqqislam surrenders - a brave ghulam made him a wound, but he was down by next order.

"Glad to see your forces again, Agent Yin." As Lady Liao spoke, Yin smelt some kind of odd-flavored perfume swinging into her nostrils.

"Yes, ma'am. You better leave with us, since this bar is now under high threat - is there any escorts for you?"

Lady Liao shook her head - just like she's been suffering a hangover.

"They left me while I passed over. Dang those alcohol jugs."

Yin fell into silence.

Lady Liao, the renowned alcohol holic Law-lady.

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