Asteroid Blues


Battle in Gallery Maze - Operation Stone Ocean


Mighty Aleph sent Hector a information that Spiral Corps contingent trying to breach the Gallery Maze. So, Hector took his warrior and gonna make Spiral Corps as a Spiral Corpse

Spiral Corps' deployment. My opponent used VERY UNIQUE 3-group Army List

More detail of his deployment. He used two Draal, two Taagma tricore team, Kriigel and Reex team. In addition, Clipos and Kiiutna also included.

Steel Phalanx's deployment. I used Ajax team and Hector team in group1
And this was my second group. My model not arrived yet, so i used some proxies. Deva as THamyris, Mk.5 as Agema Marksman with Mk12, Apsara as Warcors.
I was first turn player. Thorakitai tried to discover the impersonation marker. Dice was 20, stone armour save was 2. This was the first stone. Hector fireteam was borken and my mental health too.
Myrmidon fireteam march foward, and face the Impersonate Marker. It was Kiiutan. I shoot Chain Rifle and Kiiutan shoot the SMG, but no one dead.
So i moved my Group 2, Agema marksman got kiiutan's back and killed him. Then Agema declared Suppression fire
AJax team marches, one brave Myrmidon set the smoke nearby Panoplies. Then Myrmidon roll the Booty L2 chart and acquire ODD. What the.... And declared suppression fire rest of Hector team by coordinate order. My turn was ended
Enemy's To Camo marker moves

My Lamdh Rebot tried to discover the TO Camo, but it fails. Futhermore, dice result was 19 so Rebot got some gift from the sky and destoryed. Who made this rule?

After self-destruction of Lamdh Rebot, enemy's TO Camo got his position. It was Clipsos and got Agema's back and killed him
Draal set the Dazer behind the truck then rush into Myrmidon team and shoot the pulzar.
One Myrmidon shoot the pistol and the other shoot the Chain Rifle. Two Myrmidons saved Pulzar (their BTS is 0!!!) But, pistol aro's dice was 20. And another one bites the dust
Two Chaksa set the fire on my cute Netrod. But my hot Netrod made miracle save against Heavy Flamethrower
I set the eclipse grenade but i miscalculated it's range. So l choose brave charge against Helot's fire
Damn fish shoot the Shock Marksmanship Rifle with Critical, So my pool Machaon dead immediately.
Circumstances got worse for me so i made insane choice. Warcor moved and shoot the Flach Pulse to Clipsos and succeeded. Clipsos set the mine
And Thamyris made an glorious march even thought mine activated to him. His armour endured min explosion and Thamyris keep move foward to Clipsos
Finally, Thamyris gave punishment to nasty alien but stone falls just right on him. I gave up to count the number of stone that my army hit
Thamytris stands for 3 orders, but finally kneel under the Tricore's power. But Thamyris's god-blessed Assault Pistol removed Draal's Symbiont Armour
Furthermore, his boldness touched mighty god Zeus. Thunder God threw the stone on Taagma who killed God's favored son. But Taagma's armour was tough enough to save hersleves from Zeus's rage.
Draal failed his WIP roll. Round 2 ends
Last turn. I got 1 more victory point, but it would be same in next Spiral Corp's turn. So Ajax the Grate made a GLORIOUS MARCH.
He advanced over the half of the table, and declared WIP roll. His WIP is not that good much, but he succeeded. So I achieved Net Undermine mission.
The great one finally falls after his duty....
Hector and his team declared Suppression Fire then my turn ends. Last turn, Draal tried to destory AC2 but killed by SMG
So Tricore team tried to destory hector, but he endured two Heavy Flamethrower just lose 1 Wound each.
Taagma and Hector made their last dual. Hector won by might of Plasma but, Plasma couldn't save Hector from the STONE. One of dice roll was 19, and Hector failed armour save.

I lost photo. So describe last few orders, my opponent get one Panoplies and got adhesive launcher. Then he declared change his classified mission to Secure HVT. But one of my Myrmidon still in enemy HVT's ZoC. So his Draal tried to kill Myrmidon in 2 orders, but Myrmidon endured then game ended.

Both player got totally perfect AC2 - 3 point each
Both player got same number of item from Panoplies - No points
I achieved Classified Objective - 1 point to me

In result, Aleph 4 - Spiral Corps 3

My army hit 11 stones in this game, and 5 unit dead because of it. I hate stones.

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