Asteroid Blues


This Bird we're looking for

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VS Yu Jing


"Blueberry Reports! I've got a Goo Gun!"
"Hev Reports! Stickky Launcha Here!"
"Pops Reports. I've brought an adhesive launcher."

Former invincible officer Bextiyar who led these Saito's Dashat friends felt dizziness, lingering chills, and anger at the moment.
"Are you guys kidding me? I'm sure I said yours were about to decapitation job..."
"I heard a bird hunting ma'am. So I've brought this hunting equipment." Hev replied.

Bextiyar lost her words, stared at them as if she would eat them, and soon she sighed and put the helmet on head.
"I'll not saying a metaphor again."

"Look carefully lads, there is Yu Jing Gold Guards. There was information that there is a 'Bird Agent'. Mr. Saito asked us to catch."

Fortified walls with heavy machine gun remotes existed. mercenaries forced to smash the walls by using their remotes, but they didn't work well.

"It's almost the same product, but what's the difference in performance?" Blueberry grumbled.
"Like this time, we need forlorn hope. Hey, Jon!" Bextiyar signs and Libertos lurks into line.

The courageous Libertos traversed the unbounded center and defeated the Kuang Shi, Sniffer remote and Rui Shi. At the last minute, however, he allowed a wound from Guard hacker. nearly reached Sopotect and shoot burst of SMG fires, but failed to attack.

"I will remember!" "We will remember!"

A Crane Agent, the guard commander, ordered. Airdrop remote, Garuda Tacbot tears the cloud and falls at the mercenaries' backs. mercenary's border remote team was crushed in the battle against the Yu Jing's remotes, now is the perfect time to harvest of death.

"But No."

However, Garuda gets caught by mercenary hacker! Somehow, there was a sniffer remote with a repeater still working!

Besides, Imperial Service tries to catch the marker by blowing up the Kuang Shi, but the Hunzakut succeeds in avoiding it (Dodge 9!).

Eventually, Imperial Service's turn ended as the Celestial Guard neutralizing Hunzakut. Subsequently, something came back and approached Garuda at immobilized.

Former Zencha, Trooper Süleyman, appears and shoots SMG against Garuda. and there's nothing more to do, so go back to camouflage again.

Lieutenant Kanzaki, who has served as the operational supervisor, begins to getting nervous. The fact that the mechanized forces are almost incapacitated with each other is that there is no means to stab each other now. game turned into who first lifted their heads.

"Whatever I do. can ask for any bonus."

Another former invincible (Litterally) Trooper Drachev, woke up with the help of a friendly Merovingian doctor. a perfect smoke shot by Dr. Le Roux's motorcycle blocked the Celestial Guards and Remote's sight.


The missile shot by Drachev blows the Imperial Service's Shadow shooter. and Drachev get down again.

Tense tension ended with slapping the blade from the Imperial Service, after the Crane Agent decided to lead the team directly to the center. whole mercenaries are all hiding behind the wall. after crossed the middle line, the Agent succeeds in finding Süleyman hidden behind the wall.

"Traitor!" "D.E.P. here!"

Coincidentally, Crane Agent were in sight by Suleiman and Bounty Hunter Blueberry both, Agent decided fire at both directions and knock down the Blueberry. but Süleyman's shots were won. rockets penetrated the breastplate perfectly, and there were breathless Crane without leaving any last words.

"uh, well, that was great. we got a Bird. okay. so, where do we go to our side jobs?"

Mercenaries were relieved by killed the enemy officer fortunately. and they suddenly realized forgotten secondary goals. there was somebody who need bodyguards on this strip.

Nevermind. Wu ming killed her over there.

Now the sweeping is about to begin. mercenaries Shadow Shooter succeeded in capturing the side of the remaining Celestial Guards.
Successfully crush the Celestial Guards Link with Süleyman's two-sided attacks.
"Is it over now?"

Mercenaries counted the bodies and found their prize. a Bird head ordered from Saito. Bextiyar lifted Crane's head and handed to Kanzaki. "Is this head you want?" Bextiyar said.

"Uh..." Kanzaki grimaces her face.
"Not this one?"
"This one who we're looking for. that's correct. but not the bird we ordered."

"What? So you don't pay?" Bextiyar and mercs surround Kanzaki.
"No, I never thought I'd get this head...Captain Yamauchi would really appreciate it."
"So Does it increase the bonus?"

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