Asteroid Blues


反省會: Study of defeat 1#

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VS Yu Jing

At the dark corners of Harry's Bar. Cpt. Yamauchi drinking hard booze alone. headache comes, her crews got a unwelcome enemies. maybe intel was right, they defeated her Kagemusha's team badly with brutally slaughter.

when the flicking of old-red lightbulb, Yamauchi sense someone's presence. refraction of light looking like a man comes at front of her. an old friend come.

"So, Mr. Saito. you got a detail of desperation of my shadow."
"I am. Ms. Yamauchi." Saito Togan replied.

"Please tell me all you know."

"This is not your old enemy. 252th Invincibles regiment, called beacon fire. commander is Yin. Daoying agent, Sun Tzu's beloved student."

"Actually, your shadow's command was not bad you know. she doing all she can. in this 'Decapitation' mission, hiding commander like these Daoying officers are hard to find, hard to contact, hard to kill. and she has a high ground with no ladder. we wasn't had plenty resource for kill commander Yin."

Saito stops, silence in seconds.

"I don't think you saying excuse. keep talking."
"Thank you, Ms."

"Known Sea Dog. a marksman. he hammering our anvil until 3 minutes."

"Their first strike was Zhencha, power-armored recon. our keisotsus doing quite well. one down but blowing their first. however cause the teams weaken, Sea Dog with HMG remote got a superiority. anyway keisotus do their best. making time."

"Sea Dog didn't found me from their flank. i gave payback to bunch of zhansi."

"At the last time i was there, i had serious mistake. i was tried killing a doctor at the end."
"Rather than hide yourself."


"After the fall of i am, Lt. Sasaki lead the assault. she and fellow warriors especially Daiyokai smashing statetroops mechnized line."

"Situations are not bad at all. Daiyokai shoot down Sea Dog and erase their shadowshooter. and their jump infantry missed the spot."

"Shadowshooter. what happened to ours?"
"Got an HMG round at face. pay the price from too risky actions."

"Problem is, we can't reach Daoying. too far and too high, Lt. Sasaki decide maintain defence. but statetroops last card remain."
"First the Daiyokai armours got bad lucks (save rolls 1 and 6). then chain reactions started. if Daiyokai stands 2 or more times, result maybe different."
"At the ends, Doctor Yamano frenzied and go foward. shoot and kill Liu Xing with everything her got. she deserve a medal."

"Thank you, Mr. Saito." Yamauchi nod to him.
"Now I know our fallen troops bravery and honors. i never forget these men and women. and i never forget those enemies. Mr. Saito, like you said, we need more resources a bird to kill for. have any advice for us?"

Saito Togan came out from refracted space. his white mask stares to Cpt. Yamauchi.

"Ms. Yamauchi. i know some friends from deserts..."

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