Asteroid Blues


Haqq vs O12

VS Haqqislam

Battle for communication points

After noticing that the unwashed patrons(Ariadna) were heavily suppressed at the launching station, we decided to intervention. We sent a black ops unit, backed by our infiltrating hidden units (Razor) and our locally deployed detectives (Gangbuster) to support the crackdown.
To our surprise, a striking Tarik Amir was set against the marching police. He successfully walked into two Madtraps were had been successfully glued. Subsequently, using perfect tactics, we suppressed the enemy from the antennas to be controlled. The Varangians smoke backed the outpouring Epsilon HMG, which eliminated the last serious opponent: Total reaction REM. Subsequently, the Beta unit began a fencing operation, which was closed with moderate success and severe injury. We also lost a Sirius unit during the operation. However, thanks to the Razor units, we controlled both communication antennas, and in the end, Lieutenant Alpha as Datatracker dominated Tech coffin.

Throughout the operation, we suspected a trap as we waited for paratroopers or terrorist units hiding among civilians. In contrast, we did not have to deal with any serious tricks. Like a hot knife in butter, we sliced the enemy into smaller and smaller slices.

At serious cost, but we have cleared a sector of intruders.

Mission complished.

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