Asteroid Blues


The same day

VS Haqqislam
Sword of the Prophet

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  • Sword of the Prophet says:

    Sad day…

  • miguel says:

    It was a normal day.

    Nothing different, just like the first day with the Biotechboro, it was

    not a good day…

    But this time it was no Biotechboro, it was more like Go to

    the store.

    The Japanese company was not available that means than the only NA-2

    company was the DRUZE.

    The only hope to win was the Cherif Arslan and the fire team.

    of course, Saito was there.

    Saito was with two Hunzakuts because they need to open the lock of

    the door.

    But Tarik gave no chance to stay in the storage.

    but the Anaconda was there to protect the leader that means to protect


    The Bounty hunters were there with a spitfire, but that doesn’t mean

    they were saved.


    Tarik was going fast that meat they need to go faster.

    Then Tarik enters to the storage and kills Saito and the Hunzakut.


    Then the Anaconda makes a surprise shot to Tarik and that was lucky

    because the Anaconda defeats Tarik.

    Then the fire team started to move but the Maghariba was there.

    A few minutes later the Maghariba was defeated but the

    Companion of Arslan dies…


  • miguel says:

    here is my report

  • miguel says:

    sorry, I couldn’t put my report