Asteroid Blues


Chapter 6, Defending de Safe Area against Yu Jing

VS Yu Jing
Naethar deploy

This time we faced an old enemy, Commander Naethar, veteran of the Wotan and Kurage conflict, who was unwilling to allow us to continue to enjoy an advantageous position in the Xaraks area

My deploy zone, with explanations!

The group that we were going to face was reduced to not alert the defenses of the hostile zone of Xaraks, so we responded in the same way, with a small special contingent on infiltrations and without any heavy weapons, the operation had to be fast and surgical

What we were sure we were not prepared for was the tiger soldier who appeared in the rear, deducing that yu jing's troops were much more prepared than we thought

The professional soldier of Yu Jing advanced without stopping, executing a Kaeltar and leaving our trusty Sakiel unconscious, only the Makaul could face the menaza by burning the soldier of the imperial state with a flamethrower

It was our turn to counterattack and the first one that was launched alone was the Draal, armed with Submachine gun and devoid of a triad, the veteran Draal struck down a Kuang Shi and kept running forward to flank

Without losing a second the triad of our lieutenant was preparing to occupy the quadrant and control the console of vital importance, supported by the eclipse smoke to position itself perfectly against the onslaught of Yu Jing

Our Draal managed to flank the enemy line thanks to its high movement and place a key mine to avoid the possible enemy flank, but he was not alone

On the other side of the battlefield there was a great rumble, when a Krakot (See in the proxy photo used with a Shaolin) died from an anti-personnel mine of Libertos

The explosion camouflaged the sound of the ninja, who swooped down the back against the Draal, which shattered the Simbiomate and the Symbiont Armor at once.

Three holoechos moved to detonate a mine and cover position, when revealed, a kanren fired his burst of combi against the Makaul who was able to cancel the shots by throwing smoke eclipse

In an outburst of rage, the Kan-Ren tried to flank the triad, but I still managed to surprise our troops without coverage, the two shots with shotguns and those of rifle combined with K1 ammunition ended with the Yu Jing specialist

And while the triad managed to get out of the situation, the Draal did not suffer the same fate, because the ninja had already claimed the life of our specialist

The Libertos managed to infiltrate behind the enemy lines, and dealt the hardest blow to the army of Commander Naethar, a shotgun shot at his liaison officer, who took the life of this, his madtrap and his lieutenant (Mad Trap represented for a Simbiomate -Naethar get them from the "European Infinity Challenge" and since then he just play those little cutties against me -)

After having our own area more than assured we sent the clipsos to move forward, likewise our lieutenant went to take care of the ninja, only 3 shots were necessary to clear the area

The area was not completely clear since the Zencha and a Libertos covered with five, our Greif Operator surprised them, killing the Libertos but was hit by a submachine gun, so he bent down to get out of danger, once placed no one was left standing, the Zencha had managed to escape ...

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