Asteroid Blues


Capture and get glued

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VS Yu Jing
There's no liberty for this cargo


As the Campaign in Novy Bangkok prolonges, ressources for Lt. Melchiors detachment get streched thin and he has to don his Muktar gear and lead a foray into the Liberty Cargo offices...

Boarding the anonymous disposable (stolen) transport

Melchior 1

Fiday moves through the open gets discovered, drops smoke engages Mowang, Mowangs armor withstands.
Melchior orders another aproach, Daylami moves gets discovered, moves again emptiing his shotgun on the warcor catching a (daoying) camomarker and a kuang shi (looking away) in the burst. Daoying wins the ftf kills the daylami. the other two save 2 armor rolls each.
After a Mutt threatens a Camomarker (guilang) in ZOC the Hunzakut advances on the buildings towards the enemy krakot. Being to cocky she has to dodge a mine, luckyly the Krakot doesn't notice anything. She is able to kill a monk tanking the chain rifle, while the Krakot makes his saves, after finally wounding the krakot she lays down supressive fire, she gets shot in the back by (aro king jammer threatened guilang) but survives.

Istvan 1

The first impetous kuang shi is able to kill the hunzakut with his chainrifle.
The Mowang (Datatracker) is then helped with beating up the Fiday by a kuang shi (saves armor) and a Monk (kills fiday) and freee to move again. Another kuang shi spends his life neutralizing the Mutt that threatens the aro guilang.
So the Mowang can move up and kill the haqqislamite Krakot.

Showdown Mowang vs poor Krakot

Melchior 2

Melchior orders the last Muttawiah forward to discover (fails) a suspicous (minelike) camotoken and to throw smoke quite far (fails). He tries it again triggering the mine on purpose and getting the grenade stuck but dieng. As Melchior the Muktar tries to use the smoke to do some damage he gets shot surprisingly by aro guilang from 34" on his second move and has to rely on NWI.
Then he has to take on both guilangs at once needing another 3 orders getting the job done.
Then there's nothing left but to enter suppressive fire.

Istvan 2

The first kuang shi is thrown on the muktar using his chainrifle but dying in vain. Then the Mowang advances and is able to glue down Melchior from far away! After following up the nearby HVT he advances further seeking shelter in suppressive fire in a corner quite far upfield. While a monk and the liberto follow (after mining up istvans beacon again).

Melchior 3

In a last desperate effort the shihab advances and kills a monk and a kuang shi threatening the Mowangs advance route from behind using to many orders on the way, while the last regular troops ust their last coordinated effort to move up to the beacon, having no momentum left to enter supressive fire.

Istvan 3

As the liberto kills the shihab effortless, the Mowang just kills the last 4 defenders (ghulam Doc+, Barid, Lt. and Fanous) without a wink and secures the beacon. Only Melchior survives Covered in gooey glue!

Istvan 9 - Melchior 0

To be continued! Till next year!

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