Asteroid Blues


Straight into the Pit

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VS Yu Jing

An armored strikeforce lead by Tarik Mansuri enters the pit in search of a fleeing shasvastii operative as the encounter a Yu Jing garrision remote gun emplacement, before anything can be explained the yaokong remotes open fire.

Realizing his fault Tarik is surprised by the killermachines' burst trying to outshoot it and fleeing out of harms way.

With Tarik out of harms way but severly wounded he orders the Tank to clear the gun emplacements. Some minutes later both end their duty.

The Monstrucker uses his Nasmat remote to repair the slight damage on the TAG giving it the chance to advance on the second TR Bot, neutralizing it then retreating some way back. Tarik retreats too and orders his forces into supression fire.

Yu Jing troops advance, the Hortlak and Janisaary are not able to bring the screaming hordes of political prisoners to a halt. Suddenly the Maghariba is covered in smoke.

After the TAG is engulfed in a Ball of Flame the Monk and the Ninja scuttle away, the ninja activating the heater for his troops. The HaiDao Engineer orders his YaoZao Bot to repair the TR Bot again.
The rest of the Mission were the Rui Shi advancing through smoke while being buffed by the Dao Ying. Tariq advances on the repaired TR Bot and is killed by the Ninjas Tac Bow.
The Janissary kills Monk and Ninja while the Hortlak manages to destroy the TR bot again! Having turned on a heater the Monstrucker ends the haqqislamite advance for now.

Yu Jing repairs their bots and puts them on supression fire overlooking the Janissaries. Giving the Mowang DT time to advance into the zone at ease.

Haqqislam can do nothing anymore but advance the flashpulse bots in vain. Then Yu Jing ends The mission with a decisive advantage.

Haqqislam 2 - Yu Jing 9

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