Asteroid Blues


Decapitation of a Mowang by Husam Op. Leila Sharif. Last Girl standing

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VS Yu Jing
Armored tactical scanner picking up signals

We had our first Campaign scheduled for tonight, set up the table then went for Decap as soon as the Console dropped. Played without the free wild bills.

As I painted up my Maggy recently I wanted to try her and went for Limited Insertion. It was hard as my brother got first turn with 19 orders plus....

We're under fire!

All hell broke loose at Harrys Bar as the Ramah armored Patrol was attacked by a big Yu Jing Force led by a Mowang. He survived the Panzerfaust rounds only recieving one wound then put down the Kawarij for good. Then the Cautious Daoying Lieutenant sent down a Tiger Soldier who headshotted his way through the haqqislamite patrol.

As Lieutenant Mustafa went down, Tarik had enough and advancend in direction of the enemy designated target shooting a WarCor along the way. After fullfilling the patrols Main objective and with no chance to attack the hidden enemy commander he ordered Leila and the Maghariba walking Tank into suppressive fire.

The Yu JIng forces advanced on the remaining Swords of Allah killing the Haqqislamite Spy along the way and incapacitating Tarik sacrificing a guilang and a krakot. Then the Mowang raged and spent whole magazines shredding the maghariba and loosing only one wound.

Leila revenged Tarik killing the mowang with her breaker pistol ending the bloody fiasco and retreating into the shadows.

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