Asteroid Blues


Between Rock and Hard place

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Combined Army
Fraacta is trying to clear a path for the link - too bad, she eat too many orders to do it
Begining of the game
Legate and his link blocked by scylla on one side. The othe path blocked by phoenix
Noctifire(proxi model) is trying to kill Phoenix...
... He's useless

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  • thepoorman says:

    The Fracta strikes me as something that might be tricky to use. AD is always a gamble in my experience.

  • J.Smith says:

    So sad for CA.

  • Father Knight Luisjoey says:

    need more words… 150

    Father Knight Luisjoey of Santiago de Leon

  • Glaive_Commander says:

    Good pics but no words

  • Evered says:

    heh, for example, add a bit of artistic narration: why did your paths cross here, what did you want to accomplish with this battle in a tactical (strategic) plan and so on.
    these little things add a great deal of depth to the narrative.
    good luck in future battles.

  • MelanHolic says:

    Thank you all. I’ll wright a batrep then i have more time. Hopfuly it’ll be today or tomorow

  • Father Knight Luisjoey says:

    Good job commander, please keep this place clean of Rats or alien eggs.

    Support By Father Knight Luisjoey; Be Blessed and remember Service Grants Resurrections.

  • WIAS says:

    Nice bat-rep, but more narrative?

  • GoGo Faehrlich says:

    better luck next time…actually with so more writeup this could have been a decent report…so the 2 Star rating when I got here was a little too low. Hope to compensate for that a little 😉