Asteroid Blues


The Exodus

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Combined Army
VS Nomads


Novyy Bangkok was in turmoil. It always was a wasp nest, ready to explode on slightest reason but this time it was different. Because this time Combined Army was involved.
Due to some unforseen cirumstances (and a particular PanO Fusilier...) the whole plan was discovered much too early. And now the whole asteroid was a mess.
Vir'Tak checked his log one more time. All his commanding staff was gathered in the briefing room, while their camp was being prepared for emergency evacuation.
- Za'Chara, is everyone ready?
- Yup, all personel accounted for and divided into groups. Every group has their evacuation plan and all the data needed to navigate to the rendezvous point. I have send you all the data too.
Despite his carefree attitude, Za'Chara was always suprisingly dependable in such circumstances.
- Great. Doc, how are we doing?
- We are almost ready, Commander. We have prepared all neccessary supplies. Medical facilities are being packed right now. Engineering teams finished rigging the camp with plasma charges. We will be ready to depart in 45 minutes.
- Ok, good job. Lets make sure we leave nothing behind. Lets go people, time is running out.
- Roger that - Everyone rose from the table and left the room. Za'Chara was the last one. He stopped at the door, closed them and turned around.
- Just between you and me. What chances do we have? - He asked calmly.
Vir'Tak rose from his chair, and looked him straight into the eyes.
- I don't know, really. But still better than staying here.
- Better than Sharak III?
Vir'Tak looked at the ceiling.
- Almost as bad.
Za'Chara smiled.
- Then not that bad. Lets do this, bro. Like the old times.
Vir'Tak looked at him and nodded.
- Lets do this.

After humans discovered the whole scale of CA actions on Novyy Bangkok, the thing really went downhill. The whole O-12 and Aleph forces on this rock begun sweeping the tunnels. It wasn't a covert operation no more, it was a full blown war.
Their orders were to evacuate the asteroid as stealthly as possibe, but as the human forces drew near it became obviously clear that confrontation was inevitable.
Morats under his command were excited about the prospect of shooting out of the siege (especially after whole weeks of idleness) but Vir'Tak was not very pleased with the situation.
He was not willing to endanger his forces in all that chaos above. Unfortunately, the options he had were limited. The emergency plan was that they would need to break away from humans in the Gallery Maze,
breach the lowest parts of the asteroid (called Japanese Bottom by humans) and then reach the traffic Control Center. From there, they were to board the "Pillar of Winter", a freighter ship run by Pangkon Exchange Corp. It was a long trip, and everything could go wrong.
But here was no other choice.

The evacuation was completed, all groups left their former camp and were en route to the extraction point. Vir'Tak was the last to leave the site. He glanced around the place that was their home for the last few weeks. Some of the buildins were still up, as well as heavy equipment that was too cumbersome to evacuate. There were plasam charges everywhere, their power rods casting eerie low on now silent and dark camp site.
Vir'Tak felt a sting of sadness. He started to like this place. Plus all the wild parties the had here...
- Commander, we should leave - soft voice of Doc snapped him out of his thoughts.
- Yes, of course. Charges set?
- Yes Commander. In one hour this place will be reduced to molten rock and ashes. There will be no traces of our stay here.
- Very well. Lets go then. And, Doc?
- Yes, Commander?
- Stay safe, understand?
Doc smiled and lighly punched his shoulder.
- Understand Commander. Watch yourself, please.


Lieutenant Kraal sighted with relief. His unit was reaching the end of the corridors of the Gallery Maze and the managed to avoid contact with any human forces on their way. He relaxed a bit and looked at the sensor data. The have planted a web of scanning devices
in the tunnels at the very start of their mission and now they were proving incredibly useful. There was a lot of readings pointing to human activities, but so far nothing threatening. He had to berate some of the Unidrones, who began chasing those "Pogemons" around the tunnels. That damn "Pogemon GO" app that Commander Vir'Tak gave them after one mission...
- Stop playing around, we cannot be detected! - his transmission was met with overwhelming "Awwwww..." from the Unidrones.
- But Kraal-san, those are Rares...
- I caught Charmander! - One of the Unidrones from the front suddently exclaimed
The Unidrone chat exploded with cheers and frantic questions about the location.
Kraal was getting angry.
- Stop that and stay focused, we can run onto humans at any...
- Lieutenant, we have visual contact. Those red humans again! - the same Unidrone from the front signaled
Kraal looked at the display. It seems they will have to fight their way out anyways.
- We have to break through them if we are to leave this rock. And if you want to keep those "Pogemons" of yours...
- Yes, Kraal-san - the Unidrones went very serious.
- Ok then ladies, Meerkal... Lock and load!

The Deployment

Onyx won the roll, so decided to strike first and strike hard. That also ment I had to deploy first. Since this was Annihilation mission, the deployment was so that the link team or Greif Op could strike fast, with some overwatch of Q-Drone, R-Drone and Ikadrones. One Imetron failed the PH roll but luckily landed just at the edge of the table.

Nomads deployed just as a dirty Nomads would: lots of camo and Koalas defending the access to any juicy targets.

Onyx Deployment
Nomads Deployment

Turn 1

Onyx turn 1
Turn starts with the Unidrone link together with Nexus Spec-Ops with HMG runs on the left flank towards the enemy lines. The march was delayed by lone camo marker behind the tower on the left side. The plan was to discover it with one drone and then move on, but Unidrone failed the roll. After that, the same Unidrone moved into 8 inches of the Koala, baiting it. In worst case scenario, it would reamain in Dogged. But the brave Unidrone tanked the Koala, passed the ARM and endured the Oblivion, which was casted trough Morans repeater. In the next 4 orders, the Unidrone link managed to storm trought 3 hackers constantly trying to Isolate/Oblivion them by passing EVERY BTS roll (never again I will say that Dakini are better...), braved the lone camo in the corner (which didn't bugde at all during this whole ordeal), shoot down Morlock to Unconscious and kill Zondnautica. Then Nexus killed Moran and Puppemaster. That last order the Salyut manages to Engage the Nexus and pin him down. During that last couple orders one of the hackers finally managed to Isolate Unidron FO. After all that, they stood on the left side, flanking the rest of Nomad forces. Then the second group Greif Ops sprung into action, finally detecting the camo on the left (Zero KHD) and killing him. Last few orders Greif killed the Securitate Spec Ops. All in all, highly brutal and VERY lucky turn. Especially for the Unidrones.

Nomads turn 1
Since most of heavy hitters are dead or disconnected (Puppetbots), its time for plan B. Second Morlock on the right moves towards the right Ikadron. Zero AHD tries to sneak around the right flank, but gets caught on the ladder on his firts order by Unidrone Plasma Sniper and is vapourised. Auglacil on the left side shoots Greif from the roof, after that Morlock regenerates back and shoots Nexus in CC with Salyut, killing them both. Morlock on the right runs towards the Ikadron and they kill each other with flamer/chain rifle.

Unidrones coming to the party
Moran did what he could but died
Unidrones continue to party

Nexus agent Meerkal advanced with his Unidrone bodyguards. They were pushing hard trying to flank humans. All was going great, until one Unidrone started giggling unexpectedly.
- Whats wrong? - Meerkal asked, looking at the Unidrone
- I don't know Meerkal-san... Something is tickling me... I can't stop... - Unidrone was laughing now, franticaly waving her arms around. Suddently, two more starter to laugh too.
- You too? What the hell is happening?
- We don't know... Stop it... Its tickling...
- Meerkal, it's Kraal. You are beeing hacked, there must be a repeater nearby. Destroy it!
Suddently the leading Unidrone flinched when something runned towards her at high speed and detonated in proximity. The Unidrone seemed unscathed, but was still laughing.
- I'm reading the signal source up ahead of you position, sending the coordinates - Kraal contacted Meerkal again.
Meerkal reached the corner and peeked around. His Unidrones followed, still laughing maniacally. Around the corner stood a human soldier, firing at him as soon as he looked. Meerkal returned fire and killed him.
Unidrones suddently stopped laughing.
- That was mean... It was too much... - said one of them, trying to catch her breath.
The other was still giggling slightly. Meerkal looked up her status.
- Oh, boy... - he muttered. She was locked out completly and in some strange loop. They will need support to restore her back...
- We need assistance, one Unidrone out. - Meerkal called
- On my way! - their Med-Tech was eager to help as always.
- Great, thanks. We're holding this position. Just be careful, there were some contacts on the way.

Salyut gets close and intimate with Nexus
Greif discovers and kills Zero KHD
And then gets Securitate Spec Ops
Zeros AHD tries to sneak around the ladder, but eagle eyed Unidron takes him out
Morlock kills both dancing partners


Onyx turn 2
Med-Tech springs into action, running towards the Isolated Unidrone. In the meantime, his Slave Drone goes on a suicide run and triggers both Koalas on the right, clearing the path. His bravery will be remembered. After patching the Unidrone up, Med-Tech goes shoots the regenerated Morlock, and then goes for the Greif killer: the Auglacil on the roof. She climbs the ladder, kills Auglacil but is shot on her way down by Moran on the far right flank.

Nomads turn 2
Low on orders, Morlock regenerates again and under cover of smoke goes forward the Unidrone link, and stands right in front of them, treatening them with ARO with his chain rifle.

Med-Tech resets the Unidrone
While his Slave Drone clears the way of the Koalas
Med-Tech then goes for the Auglacil
But this time Moran shows his finesse with his gun
Morlock ressurects again and keeps the Unidrones in stalemate

Turn 3

Onyx turn 3
First thing on turn 3, Noctifer makes his appearance in order to count for surviving troops. She didn't have a moment to shine, but at least she's alive. Second thing, Fraacta with Boarding Shotgun lands nearby second Auglacile, using Assisted Landing from the Nexus hacker. Unfortunately, she land within 8 inches of the last camo on top of the high tower, which reveals it self as Heckler with Jammer. Heckler fails his roll, but Fraacta is still in range. Since there is nothing more to be done, Fraacta peeks the corner and shoots the last Auglacil. In return, Heckler isolates her with his jammer. Unidrones break the fireteam and one of them sneaks behind the building and shoots Morlock in the back. After that, the fireteam is reformed and Unidrone with Plasma Sniper Rifle kills last Nomads remotes on the right side across the table. Just to be sure, the link runs towards the Interventor. One of the Unidrones climbs the cargo container and shoots the Interventor dead. Having done everything they could, Onyx passes the turn.

Nomads turn 3
It turned out that the Auglacil was the lieutenant (while I believed it was Interventor) so they start the last turn in LoL. The only thing the Nomads can do is to activate Heckler and shoot isolated Fraacta in the back from the roof. Which turn pretty badly for the Fraacta as she gets two wounds and falls unconscious. The game ends.

Fraacta lands in the range of Jammer
But she manages to kill last Auglacile
Only to get isolated in the process
Unidrones wipe the rest of the Nomads on the right flank
Unidrone returns the favour for all the tickling damage done

Unidrones closed on the remaining human forces. There was still one hacker ahead and Unidrones were eager for payback for the tickling horror they put them through.
- I'm tracking the signal to this location, sending coordinates - Kraal contacted Unidrones, sending them the data.
- Affirmative Kraal-san. Engaging now.
One Unidrone hopped on the ladder on the cargo container and climbed it quickly.
- Contact! Firing now.
Enemy hacker was taken by suprise, hot plasma hitting her in the back.
- Does that tickle, meanie? Not so funny now, right? - Unidrone shouted when the lifeless human body fell on the floor.
- Hey, there is a Bulbosaur here! - yelled another one pointing her commlog in the direction she was facing. Unidrones immidiately forgot about their grudge and swarmed the area searching frantically for other Pogemons.
After all, You gotta catch em all...

Alas, the poor Fraacta is the last casualty during this fight

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Combined Army


  • SkyKnight says:

    I’m with GreyJudge: losing both the Zondnaut and the Puppets early on, before they can even be used, is devastating. Those are just so important as attack pieces: my lists are typically built around having them.

    Great report, though, and grats on the win!

  • GrayJudge says:

    A disaster for nomads. Losing both the Zondnauta and the puppeteer in the first turn before they can be used … it will have been very hard …
    Good report! Although the pokemons take away enough seriousness xD

  • Speculo Perzan says:

    Great report, a mix of fluff and factual state of game!

  • El Indio says:

    Great report!! highly detailed and precise

  • GoGo Faehrlich says:

    Fantastic report again. EI love incoming

  • Spitfire_TheCat says:

    Great report.
    I knew there are Combined Army Forces hiding in the Maze.
    And Aleph isn’t doing anything about it.
    Go Go Nomads!

  • Berithh says:

    Well done report, 10/10