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The evacuation was going smoothly, which was rather suprising. Vir'Tak anticipated problems, but aside of Kraal unit being forced into fight
with humans at the Gallery Maze exit, there were no major incidents.
- Let's hope it will stay this way - he thought to himself, while running the map of the area. So far all units checked out on their respective routes,
but now all of them were forced to cross human area called Japanese Bottom. Vir'Tak pondered on the name for a while. He knew from his studies that the word "Bottom" was used to
describe lowest rank or lowest level. But it also used to describe a part of the body.
- Which meaning those humans had in mind when naming this place? - he wondered. - Those humans are really wierd...
Forcing his mind back on the serious subjects, he focused on the map. There was this security gate they would need to cross. Under normal circumstances it would be difficult,
but with recent events the area was under martial law and the security has been strenghtened. Vir'Tak scanned the possible approach routes.
- Well, the best way should be around here... - he murmured, swiping his finger across the datapad.
In that moment he got a message from Za'Chara. He opened his comm channel visual feed. He saw Za'Chara, staring at him, wearing some strange skimp clothes and wearing something like a head band with long ears sticking from it.
- The hell, Za'Chara? Where are you?
- Oh, its a long story... - Za'Chara shruged, ears attached to his head band weaving around as he moved.
- We were making our way through that "Japanese Buttocks" area, but there is a security gate blocking our path. We don't have enough firepower to blast through it, so we were forced to stop at this warehouse. It seems there is a lot of great costumes and stuff though. My Unidrones are running amok...
As if to validate Za'Charas story, two unidrones dressed in some animal-like costumes danced behind him while making some funny noises.
- Yes, I can see that... You are aware that those are female clothes you are wearing?
- Is that so? Well, I had this strange feeling... Human females really wera this?
- From what I learned, only those working in the specific places. I think those were called "clubs" or something. - Vir'Tak scratched his forehead - Unimportant, lets get back to the important things. You were reffering to that security gate? - Vir'Tak pointed at his map, showing it to Za'Chara.
- Yup, the very one. From what I gathered there should be some power station around your location that is suppling it with energy.
- I think we have it on our route. Stay put, we will try to disable it.
- Great, no rush. I have my hands full anyways... Hey, stop it! No more clothes! - Za'Chara shouted, pointing his finger at someone behind the screen - And you, put that down!
- Yes, I can see that... - Vir'Tak responded - Just don't get killed.
- Getting killed while wearing this? - Za'Chara pointed at his clothes - Not a chance!


Onyx forces were approaching the power station, when Kraal stopped and sniffed the air.
- Thats a strange smell, what is that? - He thought to himself. He got used to stale air on this rock and many things it carried, but this was new. Although, after a couple of breaths, he could faintly remember that smell...
His commlog sparked to life.
- Lieutenant Kraal, I'm reading high amount of some sort of chemical vapour around the power station. - Med-Tech warned him, while scanning the air samples.
- What is the source, are the power coils leaking?
- No, it seems... - Med-Tech looked at the scan results, then looked again - It seems this is what humans call "Vodka". It a type of drink, prevalent on that Ariadna planet...
Kraal took a deep breath. He remembered now. He drank that "Vodka" once, when Commander Za'Chara brought it to the mess hall after one of the raids on the human supplies. And Vodka and Ariadna together could only mean one thing...
- All units on alert! We have possible green humans on the site. Watch out for ambushes, mines, rocks... Everything out of ordinary! - He called his unit.
- Lieutenant, that amount of this substance in the air can interfere with our weapons. In some places it has a thicknes of a Nanoscreen... - Med-Tech reported in a worried tone.
- Hopefully, it will work against those humans too... - Kraal replied, preparing his weapon. If those were really those Ariadna humans, his hacking device will be useless. Those humans didn't have any sophisticated technology. But they were no less dangerous, oh boy, no...
They reached the location, the energy reading confirmed they were on target. There were glass bottles and signs of heavy libation everywhere. The air was really thick with that "Vodka" thing, in some places it really looked like a swarm of nanobots.
- All units, we might encounter Kazak humans. Everyone, stay on alert and aim carefully!

The Deployment

TAK forces won the initiative so they deployed first. As usual with TAK, there is a lot of camo guarding every passage, plus a Core fireteam with 2 snipers on the roof on the right flank and Haris of Frontoviks on the left. Also, one Irmandinho and one 112 on both sides, ready to grab objectives.

Knowing that they would have to wither the onslaught of the first-turn-camo-Kazak-attack, Onyx forces deployed rather safely, with Unidrone link and a spare Unidron FO on the right side, guarding the approach to the objective. On the left side the small passage was guarder by two Ikadrones and a Q-drone. Med-Tech and M-Drone deployed together on the left side, which in hindsight was a mistake, as they could be (and were) taken out together.

TAK Deployment
Onyx Deployment


TAK turn 1
Both Irmandinhos runs towards the closest enemy (and towards their respective objectives in the process) throwing smoke everywere. The left side was defended a lot less, so the Irmandinho continues to push, scanniong the HVT and granting HVT:Retrongineering and also grabbing one Antenna before retreating behind tall building on the far left. Having used all orders on that run from the first combat group, the second combat group goes into the action. Camo marker on the right starts to move towards the objective, using Irmandinho smoke for cover. He is however discovered as soon as he exits the smoke by one of the Unidrones. It is Strelok with SMG. Unhindered, he climbs the ladder to the roof of the building only to be shoot by Q-Drone, who misses all her shots. He then spends another order to recamo, then peeks and shoots down the Unidrone with Missile Launcher. Unidrone goes unconscious, so Strelok pushes a bit forwards and drops the Nexus Spec-Ops, killing him with shock ammunition. With no orders left and some damage done, TAK passes the turn.

Onyx turn 1
Onyx forces are pinned on every front, so they need to make themselves some breathing room. Unidrone Plasma Sniper is boosted by Nexus hacker and tries to get Kazak Spec-Ops from the roof. Unfortunately she fails once, goes Dogged, tries second time and is killed. Not good. Link reforms with Nexus hacker as a leader, who then proceedes to peek and shoot the Strelok from the roof. Acomplishing that, Med-Tech activates her Slave Drone and repairs Unidrone with Missile Launcher. Reforming the link yet again to include the missile launcher, it the proceedes to run to the same spot the Unidrone Plasma Sniper died. This time Spec Ops eats the missile and is blasted away. With order pool dwindling, Q-Drone gets boosted by Nexus hacker and kills the Frontovik with HRL, then repositions herself. With no orders left, Onyx ends the turn.

Irmandinho moves on the right and throws some smoke
Same goes for his buddy on the left flank, who also grabs antenna and classified objective
And then retreats
Strelok on the move, getting discovered
Q-drone tries her best to hit him on the ladder, but fails
Never mess with Kazak under the influence... Nexus and Unidron learned that the hard way...
Unidron PSR tries to impress everyone with her marksmanship... And dies.

- Man, those green Ariadnians are really crazy - Kraal thought to himself, when another human simply appeared nearby and sprayed bullets everywhere. How come they have drank so much and still be able to fight, not to mention shoot with any accuracy?
Unidrone below was hit by that burst, parts of armor flying away. Good thing, it went into hibernation mode, still able to function with some help. A bit worse it was their heavy weapon speciallist. Meerkal got hit in the first burst, and was lying by the wall, unconscious.
- Oh well, whatever - he whispered and leaned around the corner. He got sights on that human and shot him a couple of times. He swore he saw some bullets being deflected by the Vodka fumes in the air, but one of them hit the target and the humand fell on the ground with a loud scream. Kraal was hoping this was a scream of pain, which would lighten his mood a little. But knowing those Ariadnians it was probably a bunch of obscenities...

Patched up Unidron with missile launcher tries the same move, this time to a success
Q-Drone guns down Frontovik with HRL

Turn 2

TAK turn 2
Onyx turn was rather successful, but the main danger remained. After reshuffling the combat groups, Irmandinho on the right was killed by a repositioned Q-Drone. The one on the left however advanced with no opposition, throwed a couple of smoke grenades and rushed past the Ikadrones. He then proceeded to kill Med-Tech and M-Drone. While trying to kill Q-Drone he was luckily killed by Noctifer, who decamoed just in time. Never the less, both Onyx specialists on that flank were down.

Onyx turn 2
With not much option left, Noctifer tries a lucky shot to Kazak sniper on the far right. Astonishingly, he hits and kills the Kazak sniper. With that, the coast is clear for the Fraacta to shoot down TAK order pool. With the help of Assisted landing programm, Fraacta lands nearby the remmaining three Kazaks and 112 and in couple of orders shoots them all. Unfortunately, she lacks orders to hide herself. Rodok paramedic grabs the right antenna, and leaves a mine in return, while Noctifer moves a little to guard the left approach.

Right Irmandinho is killed across the table
But the left one is coming...
Still coming...
Running past the Ikadrones
Irmandinho goes for the Q-Drone after dealing with Med-Tech and M-Drone. Luckily, he is stopped by Noctifer

Smoke erupted from the passage, mixing with the heavy cloud of chemicals in the air. Two Ikadrons were desperately trying to see anything through the combined effect of both substances, but it was impossible, even for their sensors. Lone human figure passed them unnoticed.
Med-Tech was trying to establish the correct target for his D-charges when suddently she saw a human figure, pointing his gun at her.
- Enemy! - She yelled dodging out of the way.
M-Drone nearby tried to provide support fire, but sadly failed and was hit with a wave of redhot shrapnel. Human fired again, Med-Tech still moving.
- Slithery little snake! - human screamed, frustrated. Unfortunately, her armor finally gave away and she fell on the groud. She only managed to send a warning to the Q-Drone nearby.
The human stood triumphant and then pointed his gun at the Q-Drone. At this range, the Drone had some difficulties adjusting for fire. Luckily, a familiar figure materialised and the nearby roof.
- Need some help? - yelled Noctifer Shevra, putting a round from her pistol into the human.
- Much obliged - the Drone responsed, brushing off the small projectiles from the human weapon from her body, which mixed together with human blood.
- I just got new paintjob on me - she cried looking at herself. Her gaze fixed on the lying human
- Now that was VERY mean - she said angrily, approaching the human.
Her front leg crushed his skull and then continued to stomp the lifeless body to a blood pulp, all the while she continued to berate him for ruining her new paintjob.
- And I hope you will never do that again! - She said finally, turning around with a loud "Hmpf" and trotting away.
Shevra looked at the mess that was left.
- No, I don't think he will do that ever again... - she thought to herself and made a mental note not to have any drinks or snacks around the Drones...

Noctifer snipes the Kazak sniper with his missile launcher... Because why not?
Fraacta lands...

Shevra lowered her missile launcher and zoomed her optical visior on the place where her target stood. She saw blood spatters and some body fragments, kill confirmed.
- Lieutenant Kraal, the road is clear - she reported moving on to the other side of the building.
- Copy that, good job. Takma, you are clear. Rush B! I repeat, rush B!
Takma was waiting for this signal. Her symbiont armor wings trembled with exitement.
- Lets do this then... - she whispered, releasing her gravity tether and falling down from the cave ceiling. The fall lasted only a 3 seconds, much less than she was used to. But her symbiont reacted as it should and slowed her fall enough for her to land gracefully on the ground. She whipped her gun and checked the chamber.
- Lets have some fun - she exclaimed, her symbiont giving away a slight moan. He was ready to go too...

And does what she does best. And no, its not sandwiches...
Rodok grabs the antenna, leaving a mine in the process


TAK turn 3
One of the camo on the left side turns out to be Vassily Plushenko. He gets an angle on the Fraact and drops her down. Then he places himself watching the middle antenna. Secon camo on the left reveals himself to be a Spetsnaz HMG, who kills Noctifer. On the right side, secong Spetsnaz tries to kill Unidron FO, only to be flashed and stopped in his tracks.

Onyx turn 3
Q-Drone goes towards the fallen Irmandinho and performs Coup de grace, fullfilling the Extreme Prejudice. She then tries to shoot the Spetsnaz on the right in the open, but he manages to avoid her advances twice. Since there is nothing more to be done, Unidrone link runs towards the middle antenna in the last ditch attempt to capture it. On their way, due to combined ARO of Spetsnaz and Vassily, two of the Unidrones FO must go Dogged, but one of them reaches the objective and passes the WIP roll. She is blown to pieces by Vassily and Spetsnaz, but she managed to secure the antenna and the victory. Second classified is changed to Secure HVT to get one additional point.

Noctifer dies to the Spetsnaz
Unidrones, roll out!
Almost there...

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