Asteroid Blues


Right to the bottom of the pit!

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Yu Jing

The Security sensors of the refinement complex allocated at the bottom of the Jiyuan Quarry started to register unauthorized activity at 3:00 am.

A detachment of invincible army forces is deployed to locate the traspasers and detain or neutralize them.

Invincible army deployment

The ethernal night on the asteroid was darker tha usual. Maybe because half of the lighting of the refinement facility was shutted down, maybe because at the bottom of the pitt was lurking an ominous enemy waiting with the smell of death on it's breath. Either way, the brave men of the invincible army are accustomed to face that kind of situations and face them with bravery at the service of the Estate-Empire

As the vanguard of the troops detached to defend the facility, a mowang heavy trooper as the vanguard of the unit began it's advance. One fatal shot from a shadow in top of a rock pillar caused a heavy injury on the highly armored trooper. The yujing command was uncertain about the intentions of the traspasers, but after that first shot, the fog of mistery arround the intrusion faded away... It was a trap!

With a quick and coordinated move trained a thousand times, the zhanshi fireteam andvanced while the hadao sniper took down the Termooptical posthuman sniper.
Marksman huang dao - Aleph troops? What the fuck are they doing here? They're suposed to be allies and there is a non agresión pact over the table! Those fucking toasters are gonna play for it!

The Mowang Falls back after the sniper that dealt the deadly blow is eliminated

The Lu-duan remote with marksmanship is able to take one wound on a heavy armored posthuman with a rocket launcher before being disabled.

The rest of the force, a cammo marker and the zhanshi fireteam take, advanced positions to hold the upcomming wave.

Posthuman heavy takes one wound an disables Lu-duan

The Aleph invaders begin their assault. A hidden naga killer hacker tries to kill the shang-ji, but a well hidden zencha suprises and isolates him. Furthermore, the shangji survives the attack thanks to his high BTS

On the middle if the battlefield a naga lays a mine next to the zencha and goes into hiding.

The hacking wall (from top to bottom: zencha a.Hacker, PangoFTO, zanshi, HVTshaolin, shangji A.Hacker), proves to be effective and isolates a killer hacker naga

The zhanshi fireteam moves again, the haidao takes down the mine and the hidden naga, the zencha climbs up a structure and takes the issolated naga to dogged state with a suprise shot after activating the first heating unit

Proxi mk5 takes down the zhanshi paramedic
Shang-ji hacker engages proxi mk5
Shang-ji is taken down by a mirmidon

The surviving proxi enables the second heating unit.

"The blonde", achilles, comes out if it's deployment taking down the haidao sniper.

The Zencha takes down the heavy rocket launcher and issolates achilles.

The mowang advances to the central zone, takes down the mirmidon and the proxi, and puts a suppressive fire

The liuxing fall's down to cut the chain of command in a move take out the fuel from achilles due to tge loss of LT

Liuxing falls down an takes out of commision the kiranbot with the explosion. Then it kills aleph shukra chain of command with shock rounds, granting a LoL final turn for aleph

Achilles takes down zencha, pango and mowang. All of it posible because it didn't t get issolated and aleph had plenty of command tokens left

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