Asteroid Blues


ghosts in the shadows

VS Ariadna

In his office, on a wandering walk the Brigadier General Manstrac, with his mind scrambled by the loss of territory, even though they were only training exercises, no. He admitted his defeat, too proud to turn the page, in his mind he He had formed an idea, a withering blow right in Usariadna’s nostrils, with a feverish step, he advanced to the bridge of command.
– Sir, we wait for orders.
– Contact Lieutenant Ajax for a new mission.
-Lord Lieutenant Ajax has delegated his position to someone with a more sensible head
-Machaon sir
-Well call Machaon and Ajax, who gather a good team, we go to Xaraks Batteries, we will make another visit to Commander Bayerlitz
-Yes sir.
Another night in blue asteroid, we needed to go to the Xaraks area to be able to activate 2 communication antennas and get the Ariadne console to collect CA and shavastii information and have a clearer picture of what happens in this place forgotten by the gods . This time Commander Bayerlitz did not wait for us, this time we move forward like a bank of fog, a red fog that only gives death to everything that comes to all who see them. The first group of advanced grouped in the southeast area where they were in a link in Ajax, Machaon, Nala and an Acis mirmidon looking for glory, covering the back of Atalanta who was on the roof of a nearby building, a few meters further south , covering the rearguard a Rebot Sameth. In the south west zone, due to its great outpost, there was another link Enomotarca Thora Iván, the triplets Gus, Giles and Giorgi, all with their Artillery Observer team and with them Kyros, a Spec-ops hacker in charge of the operation of the Rebot and doctor for attend the triplets, in addition to guarding Our engineering officer and the deployed Netrods, a little further behind covering their backs was the second advanced group on top of a building the Agema Dorian rocket launcher was stationed with his best friend Mirmidon Egan, and a Rebot Lameth covering everyone’s back.
Commander Bayerlitz for his part deployed in the Northwest Zone, where his FT Haris was very close covering his FT Core back and several troops waiting to ram or resist an onslaught, knowing how Ariadne works he knew there were troops that were not in sight but I knew they were like some eyes watching you but you can’t find. -Lord the troops are located, await orders – 1 we need the information in the Ariadna console 2 activate 2 antennas to transmit information quickly and safely 3 retrieve an enemy troop to see what extra information we get 4 that a doctor give a special treatment to his sexy girl 5 I don’t want mistakes – Lieutenant Machaon has received the orders. Commander Bayerlitz, noticing the presence of our troops, limits the movements of the second group of outposts, Egan is the first to perform on the floor, while Dorian places a smoke grenade between them, the fog begins to grow, just when there was no more nothing that Ariadna could see, Dorian looks out over the edge of the wall that protects them and begins, first with his counterpart and Leader of the FT Core, who tried to dodge the missile, but his luck did not accompany him, accomplished his goal, it was for the next leader this time is that of FT Haris, with his eyes wide open, tries to dodge he ran with better luck since the wall that protected him absorbed part of the damage leaving him unconscious, the Agema and Mirmidon stay again in the floor of the ceiling, to avoid attacks of return.
The first group of advanced begins its part of the work, giving Acis the opportunity to shine on this day he was entrusted with the task of supporting Atalanta, he did his job well, the grenade fell into position, completely covering Atalanta who was lying with rifle in hand, just the smoke activated his visor, finger on the trigger the response was quick as a reflex, Rosie was his target, such attack Rosie did not expect it, I try to dodge but fell unconscious, for his luck the bullet did not charge his life, already cleared the area of ​​the greatest threat, activates again the FT in Mirmidon motorway, advanced cautiously and taking care of all sides to not be surprised, they advance to the edge of the building, since there is Acis the rookie mirmidon covers the antenna with a smoke grenade, giving way to Nala the official mirmidon do her job activating the antenna, Atalanta on the roof taking advantage of the new presence of smoke, looking for a better place of Tire, advances but fails to see ob clear reasons why from the ground covers any advance of the enemy troop, Nala returns to safe coverage, to await the onslaught by Ariadne, it was time for the FT Thora to get underway, moving close to the building they decide to cover the central antenna when a strange mass draws its attention to the bottom, Gus the most reckless of the triplets, decides to try to discover in the background but something moves in the vicinity so it is surprised in his attempt that a mine explodes in his direction, for his luck the fragments collide against the edge of the wall escaping the damage, ashamed manages to reveal the figure of the background, mines continue to explode, so as not to abuse his luck, since he would not know how much the wall would be ready to save him, already in shelter , the FT in the Thora motor vehicle decided to return where they came from to cover any advance on the part of Ariadne, and why these mines made a dent in the temper of poor Gus.
Now it was up to Ariadne to answer, but answer what? Their fighting groups were in a very bad state, their doctors would see what they could do, the Doctor of which FT Haris was, climbed the stairs to lift his fallen leader when something made his pulse fail, something reminded him Atalanta is here, A shot pierced his chest without being able to help his partner, with a trembling hand the doctor of the FT core shot his medikit towards Rosie, but doubt cursed his luck, since Rosie did not resist dying, sweat ran down his forehead one thing is that an enemy falls from your hand, a very different one is that he be a companion, making guts hearts, he pointed his medikit treating the one who was the leader of the FT Haris, in his mind next step he who had to dedicate himself to another trade, then to see that his medikit despite hitting the target this did not resist also dying, Brigadier General Manstrac smiled as luck was in his favor this day, Commander Bayerlitz tried to surprise by the rearguard He went with a paratrooper, but his landing was poorly calculated since the Sameth saw his journey to the ground then he received it with a missile that although he did not take his life he left his body unconscious on the floor, and despair he felt In the ranks of Ariadna, a unit that was camouflaged decides to advance, activates an antenna and continues its path to where the FT is located in Thora, however, halfway, Ajax visualizes it tries to stop it but without success, the CAM0 reaches the edge and manages to clearly identify what is a mine that could damage the entire FT Thora already at this point Ajax again attacks unsuccessfully, who manages to leave unconscious from the rooftop, Atalanta that it seems that his eyes covered the entire terrain, already in the middle of the confusion the uncovered troop approaches its console, to which Atalanta does not go unnoticed and leaves unconscious on the ground, and Ariadne runs out of actions, and it is Aleph’s turn to show his power, Do rian the Agema asks Egan for the same dose, Egan does his job, places the grenade and Dorian peeks over the edge to continue his work, first he goes by the killer doctor dispatches him without problems, he tries to dodge as his companions but as Manstrac ordered , he would not admit mistakes, at the bottom right behind the fences was an agent of Ariadne, Dorian also put an end to him, everything that moved to the other side of the antennas would follow up and hunt him, he wanted to return home soon because a beer was waiting for him , after there were no enemies in sight, he ordered Egan to cover the passage of the FT Thora with smoke in the direction of the antenna, but Egan unlike Dorian saw nothing, the first grenade disappeared out of range to the sight and Dorian corrects him, -you have passed, try more to the right, Egan obeys and throws the second grenade that goes to the back of them, Dorian congratulates him for his great work, only that the enemy is on the other side , Egan furious and Dorian disarming from laughter orders him to the floor. The FT in Mirmidon is put into action, Ajax goes to the front to activate the mine that is in sight and warns the rest to keep Raya, when he enters the explosion zone, the mine detonates in his face, in the middle of thunder and smoke, Ajax appears without a single scratch, crosses immediately to the left to face, 2 others who are crossing the triplets overwhelmed by such dementia, cover their ears waiting for Ajax’s shattered body to come out, I have even Machaon accelerates the step to arrive in time to attend Ajax in case you need it, He knows that this man is not only a stubborn formula, but also an unstoppable being, when the 2 mines explode, they only hear an unmistakable guttural shout, Advance !!!!!!, Nala Mirmidon official, reaches the unconscious body From the miner to carry out the Extremis recovery mission, the entire FT in the motorway continues advancing through the square, Nala stands next to the antenna and activates to have a complete transmission signal, while Machaon addresses a sexy girl to the square was an Ariadne civilian who already had a personal mission to do, Ajax rushes against the last living member of FT Haris who was hiding behind the stairs, but out of the corner of his eye waiting for Nala to be aligned with he, by bad luck, did not notice that the new boy Acis was a little further back than Nala, when you took a blaze of fire from the stairs, Ajax was as possessed and came out through the fire like the devil himself, Nala was not so lucky since she died in the middle of the fire, however Acis has a high rent who loves him despite the fact that her burns were serious, only she was unconscious, the radio was clearly heard when Ajax tells Nala, no Do you think that I forgot you managed to sabotage my previous mission, Ajax travels the last meters to the bearer of the flamethrower, this one in a last attempt, but Ajax came out airy, shouting through the fire, DO YOU WANT FIRE ??????, His explosive hammer exploded right in his chest, the first detonation contained his armor but the next 2 ravaged his life, already running without resistance Ivan through the console of Ariadne, the Ariadne army battled in retreat, all but Will Bill someone of the Old school is not considered a coward, he drew his weapons advanced by the side of the building when he peeked around the corner, tried to surprise Ajax, when the 2 shots failed the target but it was he who with his rifle combined in a reflex that he left unconscious to Will Bill, Ajax felt respect for that man who, while all fled, was left to fall or to win, but never to flee, the rest was to calmly travel Machaon attended to the wounds of the courageous Mirmidon Acis, and finished arriving at the Ariadna console to control it and get the necessary information, at the end of the day Aleph returns home everyone looks at Nala’s luck with regret, but Ajax carried her on his shoulder knew that p they would pray, Replenish their memory in a new body, so I wasn’t worried. -Sir? -Stay silence, let me savor the moment. – Any other request sir – The boys have earned a day off to celebrate the impeccable victory. Moments like this are the ones that create stories of wars worth telling.

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