Asteroid Blues


I'm back, this is our Bar!!

VS PanOceania

So, this time I had to go back 'cause our base need more support.
Some of my forces leave the space port to engage the enemy at Harry's Bar, with our surprise we find a PanO detachment, probably they're also trying to stop yu jing or maybe they just want revenge for our little offensive, doesn't matter, we must take back our space.
This time we decide to play LI, just to see how our armies work with only 10 models.
I win the dice roll and decide to go first.

Turn 1 :

I've an advanced triad, composed by 3 Draal, but for the linked Kamau I wanna try Neema, 5 dice are better, the enemy sniper rolls 1 and 18, very good, I hit 3 times and the Kamau is gone. Now my Draal is able to move, I don't have many targets, my friend deployed quite well, I can only discover and kill a camo Zulu Cobra, after some orders I can do it but I've to spend the rest of my orders to hide my triad.
The linked Orc with HMG targets the Taagma sniper, the first duel is a draw but the second sees my sniper unconscious. Patsy and her haris move on the battlefield, after some orders, they see my linked Kosuil and the kamau HMG opens fire. I decide to use my two panzer. Another draw but I've no more my panzer, so I take another attack, dodge 2 dice but take a wound, after the engineer falls back to avoid other attacks. With the rest of the orders, the haris falls back and puts itself in a better position.

Turn 2 :

I decide to use my tricore, Neema is strong and I need her to attack the enemy well. The haris is the closest target but the Orc HMG could be a problem so I decide to activate the linked Draal, this time the Orc has more negative MODs, it survives the first attack, I spend 4 more orders to kill it, two of mycritics are also canceled during one of the duel...With my last orders I decide to heal my Taagma with the kumotail and my two triad, the Neema's one and the Draal's one, fall back.
Patsy haris moves again, this time the HMG kamau sees my Taagma that is the only visible target, but my reborn sniper this time wins the duel and the enemy dies. The new fireteam duo falls back and the last camo marker moves, after a pair of orders sees one of my submachine Draal that takes a wound, the Zulu moves again and shoots again and despite not having the cover, kills my model 'cause I fail everything. With the last orders, the Zulu returns camo and falls back.

Turn 3 :

This time maybe Neema can really make the difference, I've the fireteam duo and the camo quite near but I prefer to use the Draal maskrman again, I discover and kill the last zulu camo but not without fatigue, after, my alien lady moves and with my last orders finally I can target Patsy and the multi rifle Orc. AFter two orders the enemy heroien dies, I decide to target the last haris model, after other two orders falls unconscious, I've my tricore a little exposed but my friend has no more offensive models, we decide to end the match, I can't kill his Lt. but I kills with my Data ( Neema) Patsy that is the enemy Data, so 6-0.

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