Asteroid Blues


The Hunt begins

VS Combined Army

Here's my first rep for phase1, as indicated, my Spiral Corps starts its hunt in Jiyuan.
I face the alien Shasvastii in a 200 points match.

Turn 1 :

I start my turn using my Kiutaan, I want kill some visibile models just to remove some enemy orders but is not simple. After moving, my model finally has a target, the mighty R-Drone, thanks to a crit, the REM is down, I move again and my next target is a camo that reveal itself, it's a seed soldier that dies. Now I move my Draal, I've some camo near my model, I discover and kill a mine and the next is a shrouded that suffers the same fate. With my last orders I hide my two aggressive models and both are in suppressive fire.
The enemy Q-Drone moves just to see, after some orders, my Kiutaan, I'm in range but with malus, I cancel two enemy shots and save two armor, after my rambo alien falls back. Now it's time for another camo, a shrouded hacker comes out and wounds my Kiutaan, I save another armor and finally my model is safe. With his final orders, a camo Caliban with spitfire targets my Draal, thanks to a crit I lose my symbiont, but I fall back and the enemy is forced to return camo.

Turn 2 :

I lost only two symbiont, so I still have 10 orders. My Kiutaan has outstanding business with the shrouded hacker, after a pair of orders and thanks to another crit, the alien is dead. Now it's tricore time, Neema and her friends move on the battlefield, my objective is the Caliban, it's the most dangerous enemy, it's not simple but after discovering it, Kosuil kills the enemy with BS. Then I reach a better position for my Tricore and the Kiutaan uses its last orders to go prone in a building.
The Q-Drone now wants to undertake one last attack, after moving it sees my Diplo delegate that falls unconscious, after starts a duel with my Kosuil with panzerfaust, I save one of my armor and go prone with my model. The last target is my Draal, I dodge well but a crit makes it unconscious.

Turn 3 :

In my last turn, I use the tricore again, at first Neema kills the Q-Drone, after I reveal the second last camo, another seed soldier, that dies. The Kiutaan now moves and kills from the distance a Ikadron. I move my tricore again to hold better the quadrant. My friend is in retreat, the match ends. I take 6 points, we draw the first round, so 8-1 'cause my Data was always in a dominated quadrant.

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