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Shasvastii Ambush

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Novvy Bangkok Traffic Control
October 2, 2196
After Action Report by Lt. Andrew Thompson

As we approached the Traffic Control Center to begin our recon mission we were ambushed by a Shasvastii force. We had our suspicions that the area had been infiltrated but we didn't anticipate it at this scale. This was a substantial raid force. The enemy had brought along four Taighas, spread around the AO. In addition they had two Ikadrons, two Speculo Killer minelayers that tied up our lines and forced us to improvise, amd Med-Tech, Mentor, Gwailo, who was unpleasantly effective, a Caliban who was even more of a disaster for us, a Shrouded Hacker, Seed Soldier, Slave Drone and a Cadmus that only caused us a brief moment of consternation.

With our area laced with mines, I deployed Operative SSgt. Katie Ryan and Marauders SSgt. Ramirez and Cpl Johns on the left flank. They were supported by Maverick Cpl. Kelly Anderson, Doc Foster and the Foxtrots SSgt Rogers and Sgt Lopez. On the right flank we had Wild Bill and in the center I had deployed Minuteman SSgt Cardoza, Sgt. Holmes and myself. In reserve we had the Airborne Rangers SSgt. Sarah Johnson and Sgt. Callum Jacobs. We were also joined by Fusilier Angus as an observer for this mission.

The Shasvastii launched their assault with a Taigha charge. The first one survived the shots it sustained from Cpl Johns and SSgt Ryan. As the next one charged it was met with a hail of fire from the Ryan, Johns, Anderson and Ramirez. The shots from Anderson and Ryan hit home and the Taigha burned, along with the Ikadron it had been paired with. A third Taigha then advanced towards Cpl. Johns but was stopped in its tracks by two shots on center mass. The last Taigha advanced on Fusilier Angus who had placed himself poorly and couldn't see it. Wild Bill then had the Fat Yuan Yuan land in front of him. I have two theories regarding this: first, it was really a disguised Shasvastii, which I feel is most likely, or second, the Fat Yuan Yuan doesn't care who he fights for as long as he's paid. Either way, Wild Bill made short work of him as he landed. It was at this point that luck began to turn against us. The enemy Gwailo began it's advanced, first knocking Cpl. Johns out of the fight and forcing SSgts Ryan and Ramirez to dodge his rocket blast. With his way clear, he engaged my Minuteman team. Sgt. Holmes was unable to damage him with his HMG and was left down and bleeding. SSgt. Cardoza attempted to dodge a mine blast but was left with serious shrapnel wounds and will need time to recover in hospital. The Tiagha on our right then charged Fusilier Angus and cut him down, before charging Wild Bill. Despite being charged from behind, Wild Bill was able to slay the Taigha. It was a damned fine performance.

Despite the casualties, we were able to mount a counterattack. Cpl. Anderson led the attack, racing towards the Gwailo while firing at the Taigha. Unfortunately the Tiagha survived the attack. SSgt. Johnson came in next and maneuvered to fire on the Gwailo. Her shots went home but bounced off the Gwailo's armor while I mine went off on her, throwing her back with severe injuries. Sgt. Jacobs followed SSgt. Johnson and, in some textbook shooting, took down the Gwailo. Doc Foster moved to assist Sgt. Holmes but the injuries were too severe and he bled out despite the Docs best efforts. Wild Bill advanced on a revealed Speculo and brought him down with ease. At the same time, SSgt. Ryan eliminated the remaining Taigha, sending it screeching into the afterlife in a wall of fire. I in turn withdrew from my position as I knew the "Civilian" in front of me was off and I had no desire to be murdered.

The enemy continued their relentless assault with an attempted airdrop by a Cadmus. His coordinates were poor and he landed amongst SSgt. Ryan, Cpl. Anderson and SSgt. Ramirez. Cpl. Anderson easily determined which of his decoys was the real one and he perished from her accurate fire. A Shrouded then moved on Sgt. Jacobs position and laid down a mine field to limit his movement. A Caliban took advantage of this to advance on Wild Bill and engage him in melee. Wild Bill survived but had taken injuries.

We regrouped and attempted to salvage the situation. Cpl. Anderson charged up field to clear the mine that was holding up Sgt. Jacobs. The attack burned the shrouded to a crisp, laying another mine as he died. Anderson was forced to expend more time destroying the mines. With his way clear, Sgt. Jacobs advanced on the Caliban. His first attack struck home and caused severe damage. His follow up attack to end the Caliban was blocked and his neck was slashed. The damned aliens then resumed their advance.

The Caliban continued the fight with Wild Bill and ended him before pressing forward and engaging Cpl. Anderson. The firefight was fierce as the Caliban advanced. It took damage but refused to die before finally knocking Anderson out of the fight. It then proceeded to the Haqqislam medbay to blow it up. It seems it's objective was to cause as much death and carnage as possible.

With the enemy clearly having the upper hand, we tried to salvage something from this disaster with our limited remaining forces. SSgt. Ryan took the initiative and charged up field, capturing the seedpod of the Gwailo and securing their Agent. She then ended the murderous run of the Caliban. The mission was not a total failure. The capture of the Gwailo seed pod will allow our scientists and those of O-12 to gain a better understanding of how they work and what their physiology is like. In addition, the capture of the enemy agent revealed some interesting information during interrogation. A transcript of the interrogation follows below.

Interrogator: "What were you planning on this station?"

Alien: "The EI will destroy you all, WE will destroy you!"

Interrogator: "That wasn't my question."

Alien: *muffled cries*

Interrogator: "Lets try this again, what were you doing here?"

Alien: *heavy breathing* "Launching infiltration missions to destroy you!"

Interrogator: "And what were the targets?"

Alien: *defiantly* "You will know when the flames of chaos consume you!"

Interrogator: *smack, crack* "Your theatrics are boring me, just answer the questions. What was the main freight company you used? Did they know who they were contracted with?"

Alien: *gurgling* "We were using... Dark *breath* Star Logistics. They...knew. They are us. WE WILL DESTROY YOU!"

Interrogator: "That's enough for today. We'll get more out of you later, for now, you're going to learn to be less defiant. Friends, you may proceed with today's lesson."

Alien: "Do what you wish, I CANNOT break!"

Interrogator: "We shall see. I wouldn't count on our kindness though. Goodbye."

*cries of pain, heavy blows*

The mission we played was Highly Classified. The cards drawn were Predator, Capture, Data Scan and HVT: Identity Check. Not the best for my list.

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