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Oyabuns orders, part III

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Lion Tremere

"Oyabuns Orders, part III " Lion Tremere (Tohaa) vs Yaruniath (JSA), 05.10.2019

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Trident Soldiers thought that they luckily escaped the Yakuza's wrath after leaving the hostess club and not paying the check. But now as Tohaa were stationed at the Japanese Bottom, Trident soldiers found the same hot chicks from the club, but they turned out to be a deadly cute killer-ninjas!

Tohaa forces:
Group one:
1. Defensive triad with Gao-Rael sniper, Kaeltar with symbiomates and Sukeul HMG
2. Attacking triad with Draal AP marksman rifle, Kamael and Makaul
3. Liberto SMG
4. Clipsos FO
5. Two Chaksa Auxiliars with heavy flamethrowers

Group two:
6. Rasail Lieutenant with Chaksa
7. Sakiel with the viral combi, Kamael paramedic, Makaul
8. Esteemed Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate 'Diplomat-chan'


Tohaa deployment

JSA deployment

JSA turn 1

JSA started their assault by proving that even a humble Keisotsu with his puny 10 BS given the support of his 'nakama' and firepower of an HMG could easily shred to pieces an elite sniper like Gao-Rael.
Next Ninja moved through the shadows to surprise attack the Sukeul, who was busy worrying about his wounded triad member. But a lonely ninja was more apt with a bow, not a weird rifle. So he missed his firsts few shots until a lucky shot finally hit and was tanked by a mighty Sukeul, who cleverly decided to hide behind the corner. Disappointed Ninja hides back in shadows of his TO-camo.

First thing in the morning Draal discovered that the lovely cottage that he booked for himself looks occupied. Shadows moved and out of thin air appeared a sexy killer-ninja looking quite menacing. Draal was so excited by this discovery, he couldn't contain himself and dropped a mine on the floor before getting cut in half with a single stroke of monofilament weapon. Kitsune graciously jumped in the air, easily avoiding mines vengeance. Shinobu worked her magic and coated back in the thermo-camo, only a blood drops flowing in mid-air.

Tohaa turn 1

Sukeul Commandos turned around the corner and started to climb the ladder right in the open!
Keisotsu ML, Tanko ML and even a Tank Blitzen all three shot their missiles at the Sukeul! Veteran Tridnet soldier just laughed at this, madly firing his HMG at all directions while hanging on the ladder! Sukeul killed a Keisotsu, scared the hell out of samurais and went in the cover with his second order.

*bang* *bang*
"Open the door, it's the Rasail police! We heard that there was a Tohaa citizen murder here!" Rasail said loudly as he clicked 'full-auto' mode on his spitfire.
Trident soldier let his Chaksa friend open the door.
But as soon as Chaksa managed to break in, Kitsune dropped a smoke grenade at her feet covering everything in the smokescreen and easily evaded all the retaliation fire.
Well, nothing to do here but the good old intuitive firing at every direction with a flamethrower!!
Chaksa laughed maniacally as he sets the whole building on fire, but when he comes back to his senses he discovered a Shinobu engaging him from behind!
"Missed me?"

There was no way to get Chaksa hostage out of Shinobu hands, who was cleverly hiding in the smoke. So Trident soldiers moved around so that Liberto, Sakiel, Rasail and another flamethrower-wielding Chaksa will see the Kitsune as soon as she will take any action.

Yet another Chaksa moved in the open field to bravely try to intuitively burn down another ninja on the left flank, but he dodged quite effortlessly.
Sukeul fired a few times at the Tanko, but samurai tanked all the hits.

First turn result
Tohaa dominated one quadrant with a Datatracker Rasail = 1pt
JSA dominated more Quadrants = 2pts

JSA turn 2

Deadly Keisotsu HMG found yet another prey and easily destroyed a Chaksa in the open field. He then tried the same trick with the Sukeul, but the veteran was a tougher target, he tanked the shots and guts back to total cover.

Ryuken moved around the central building and killed a Sakiel who was sitting in ambush and waiting for the Kitsune to move. She then went into the suppression fire mode. Domaru LT datatracket moved to claim one of the zones.

Tohaa turn 2

Well, if Kitsune wouldn't move an inch, sacrificing some Chaksa is not a big deal. Rasail pointed his gun at the Shinobu and she had no choice but to kill her hostage. Then it was a Libertos turn to surprise a Kitsune with an AP SMG shots. Kitsune failed her dodge check, tanked the mine, but lucky SMG shot put her down. Then Rasail had to step on her beautiful throat to fulfill the 'Extreme Prejudice' mission.

Clipsos carefully moved around the missile launcher Tanko to the central building, she then placed a mine near the corner of the Ryuken Unit-9, frantically shooting her SMG in every direction. Then Kamael fired his combi at the Ryuken, but got hit instead and died from shock. Rtyken was hit by a mine and died instantly. Clipsos went back to the TO-camo state.
Sukeul climbed down the ladder, firing his HMG at the far-away Tanko. He then found himself order-starved and ended his run in the Suppression fire.

2nd turn results:
Draw for dominate the quadrant for 1pt for both.
And having a Dominating Datatrecker for 1 pt for both.

JSA turn 3

Ninja fired from the corner and eventually killed the brave Sukeul.
Tanko team jumped down from the rooftop and moved down all the way to target the Rasail, but he managed to survive and guts to safety around the corner.
Domaru LT intuitively fired his chain rifle and effortlessly put down the Clipsos-chan. Then he put down the Rasail DT using the same blast weapon.

Tohaa turn 3

With so heavy losses, Tohaa soldiers found themselves order starved. Kamael-Paramedic fired his medjector and luckily brought Rasail back to life. Then he tried the same trick with Sukeul, but missed the shot. Rasail tried to fire his spitfire one last time, but failed to kill Domaru and went back to the unconscious sleep.

JSA vs Tohaa, 7:4

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