Asteroid Blues


No trespassing allowed on the Japanese Bottom! Part 5

Lion Tremere
VS Ariadna

"No trespassing allowed on the Japanese Bottom! Part 5", Lion Tremere (Tohaa) vs Gato_blanco (MRRF), 12.10.2019

There will be a nice short story here one day.


Tohaa forces:
Group one:
1. Defensive triad with Gao-Rael sniper, Kaeltar with symbiomates and Sukeul HMG
2. Attacking triad with Draal AP marksman rifle, Kamael and Makaul
3. Liberto SMG
4. Clipsos FO
5. Two Chaksa Auxiliars with heavy flamethrowers

Group two:
6. Rasail Lieutenant with Chaksa
7. Sakiel with the viral combi, Kamael paramedic, Makaul
8. Esteemed Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate 'Diplomat-chan'


MRRF deployment

Tohaa deployment

Designated Target indicated by a dice

Tohaa turn 1

As usual, Tohaa forces started by sending the Draal rushing forward. His first target was a Bruant behind the yellow tower. With a few well-placed shots, Draal managed to kill the merovingian veteran, severely diminishing the Metro Core firepower. Next Draal moved to target the French right flank. But what he thought was a mine appeared to be a cunning Chasseur, who waited for his chance to fire close range flamethrower. Trusty Pokemon helped Draal to tank this shot, but he now found himself in quite a tight spot.

Sukeul HMG moved across the bridge to blast one of the Metro in the distance. His next target was a Metro Datatracker who met a similar fate as his fallen brother.

Rasail from the second group went to help his trapped battle brothers. But before Rasail could reach the Draal's position, his Chaksa runs ahead of the master and made flamethrowers duel between him and the Chasseur. Somehow Trident soldiers get lucky and both the Chaksa and Draal managed to survive the flames. But Chasseur wasn't that lucky with the flames. Chaksa mad with glory rushed towards the Briscards, heavy flames engulfing both he HRL and a sniper Briscards, who managed to shot down the Chaksa before this fire maniac could increase the MRRF's casualty anymore.

With the remaining orders Rasail datatracker retreated back and took a suppression fire stance. Draal and his team scattered around, covering the approaches to the datatracker.

MRRF turn 1

Doc 112 turned around the corner to fire his shotgun point-blank at both the Draal and a Makaul, who managed to knock down the mad doc but went unconscious themselves.

Para-Commando HMG stood up to fire upon the Sukeul HMG in retaliation for all the MRRF losses he caused. Gao-Rael sniper found himself outside the 32" shooting range and unable to support his friend with sniper fire. With a few attempts, MRRF's Commando managed to put down Tohaa's Sukeul Commando.

Chasseur moved closer, rustling with his galo-suit. He then attempted to surprise the Gao-Rael sniper but the trident soldier stood his ground.

Tohaa turn 2

Sakiel moved on the right flank, Kamael paramedic pressed the console to discover only yet another Decoy. Sakiel then turned the corner to mercilessly fire in the Chasseur's back. Another Chasseur decided to avenge his friend and fired his rifle, damaging the Sakiel's symbiont-armor.

Clipsos-chan moved to activate the middle console to annoyingly discover yet another decoy. She then had to move to the last console to discover the Designated Target.

MRRF turn 2

Third Chasseur moved to kill the deadly Rasail, but got discovered by the Gao-Rael in the process. Chasseur fired his rifle, killing the Kamael, but Rasail managed to shot down the merovingian soldier with his spitfire.

An unexpected Para-Commando cavalry arrived on both flanks of the battlefield. The most daring descended near the Tohaa's HVT who was the real Designated Target! And this Para-Commando managed to survive a heavy flamethromer, a pistol shot, a sniper shot and even a D.E.P.! What a beast!

Para-Commando with HMG fired on the Rasail, but he managed to tank the saves and guts in total cover behind the console.

Tohaa turn 3

As usual, it's up to Clipsos-chan to save the day. She targeted the Para-Commando HMG, but both soldiers missed all their shots, admiring each-over camouflage and mimetism abilities.

Rasail boldly rushed forward, taking both the mine and an HMG shot from the Para-Commando, but managing to kill the Designated Target assuring Tohaa's dominance.

MRRF turn 3

MRRF is starting this turn in retreat, they used last command token to use Chasseur to kill both the Sakiel and the Kamael and game have ended at this point.

Tohaa vs MRRF 8:0

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